Friday, August 1, 2014

Berry Summer

Tube by Alex Prihodko found at
 Kit By Karra's Kreative Korner called A Berry Sweet Summer 
 sold here and here
 Open a 650 by 650  canvas floodfilled in white
What we are gonna do is make a cluster frame
Place frame 3 on to your canvas
Then place frame 1 on top of it.
Place the scatter to the left, duplicate and mirror. 
 merge them down together then duplicate and flip. Merge then all together.
 Then place  the rose bush above this layer and repeat the placement we used with the scatter. Duplicate and free rotate your duplicate 90 to the left, duplicate and mirror then flip. merge all the bushes together. Then take you magic wand and click inside of the larger frame. Expand your selections by six then hit delete on the scatter and rosebush layers. Add a drop shadow .
 Now that we have the base of the frame we can add some elements
 you can add what you like.
 I added leaves mirrored and place to the right
bird house mirrored and placed on top of the leaves layer.
 Bird 25% reduced by and place on the perch of the birdhouse
tall grass reduced by 50% and placed at the base of the birdhouse behind the post
 Behind that the tree was placed mirrored and reduced by 70%
Place the tea set in front reduced by 80%
then place the grass behind it twice and add Gaussian blur at 5, duplicate it and mirror.
 then merge the entire frame after you added your drop shadow. make sure you close the white background layer.
 then add your URL, the name of the kit, kit maker and the URL of the kit maker ( well at least this is what i do to credit)
 Whenever you are sharing a cluster be sure to read the TOU of the kit maker or get permission to do so. Other wise this will be for PU( personal Use)
 Right click and save this cluster frame
DO NOT Share .
Please send anyone who is interested in using it to my blog
Above is an example of what i did with this frame and the kit 


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