Thursday, August 21, 2014


Tube by Roman Zaric
Kit By Lysiras Digital World
Kit AND revamped Dina tube combo is available 
here for purchase
mask set 32_4 download here
font smeyer and  talking louder
template  by Rosey's tags and temps download here
 Mura  Meister copies
Eye Candy Gradient Glow

Open your template Press Shift"D" to copy . Delete the original and resize the entire template by 650 pixels at it's longest side.
Add a new raster layer at the last layer and flood fill with a gradient using these two colors
 Apply your mask.
Add strass deco to the bottom left and duplicate, mirror and flip
copy/paste paper5 into the selections of the black oval layer
Merge the right and left blue rectangles and copy/paste paper8 into selections.
 Reduce frame 2 by 35%and place over the left bottom , duplicate and place over the right top. It will be too short, Use your pick tool set to scale and pull the nodes to the left to lengthen the frame over the paper.
copy/paste paper2 into the selections of layers right and left purple
Merge right and left pink circle and copy/paste paper2 into selections then add a thick white gradient glow
Place bling at the bottom right and top left
Place paper 12 then click layers pink rectangle left and right then invert selections and delete the excess paper.
Copy/paste paper7 into black left and right then apply a thick white gradient glow to both
copy/paste paper9  inot blue left and right. Add a thick gradient glow.
 Type the word Bitch in the smeyer font in size 20 pixel, align to canvas then convert to raster. Apply Mura Meister copies tiling angled spaced at 2. select the layer we just papered invert selections then delete the tiled wording that is showing paste the layer . change the blend to soft light and drop shadow the wording layer
Merge the frame filled background and flood fill in the same gradient we used for the masked layer.
 add the close up tubes to the layer. one side change the blend of the tube to soft light the other change to hard light.
 duplicate the gradient layer again and apply LENK filter Fredrick and change the blend to  multiply
Add your tube and reduce by 35%, duplicate and apply Eye Candy Shadowlab at these settings:
 reduce the following elements
 lips by 25%
cellphone and lip stick at 15%
mini player at 20%
bag at 50%
shoe at 25% then free rotate at 25 to the left, duplicate mirror and move over the first shoe
hat by 355 then 25 to the left
 ribbon and roses by 35%
Hortensia by 255 then 50%
 add your name, artist URL/CR and your license number.
 Crop your tag
 Thanks for looking

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