Thursday, August 21, 2014

Buzz Fairy

tube Misticheskaya  sold at
 Fall Fantasy sold here
Font- Candle script
 mask by Rachel  found here Mask set 32_1
Xero Serious Fog
Eye Candy Gradient Glow

Open a  new canvas flood filled in white sized 650 by 650
This tut is to get you familiar with alpha channels and how I use them. Well one of the ways i use them LOL
This tag is just a rough draft of how I did the tag. you can use the alpha channel method on any tag you make.
 Ok Using this kit I used the thick and chunky wood frame reduced by 40%
I reduced paper9 by 45% and placed it behind the frame layer, duplicated it and change the blend to multiply.
Add paper 16 and apply your mask.
Reduce your tube by 40% and place on the bottom edge of the the frame
 Reduce the fireflies word art by 40%, duplicate and change the blend to overlay.
Reduce the apples leaves cluster by 75% and place under your tube layer and over the frame layer.
Behind the tube place the large sunflower and reduce by 50%, place the vertical bumble bee and reduce by 15% on top of the sunflower.
 Place the climbing vine behind that as well
to hide the edges of the vine i took a flower element and the porcupine with the leaves on his back and reduce them by 15%
to add some magics to the tag I added the magic bottle and reduced it by 15%
I place the currant cluster under the wordart to the left and reduced by 35%
the little mouse in his pumpkin house reduce by 15%, duplicated and blend changed to multiply
Mushroom house and falling leaves reduce by 15%
Orange tree by 20%
green mushrooms, rock and grass blades by 25%
 Big Orange mushrooms by 50%
Now close the masked layer and background layer.
 Merge visible duplicate your now merged tag.
close the top merged tag
on the bottom merged tag
 It is gonna look like this. you can chose to change the name from selection #1 or in my case selection #2 to the name of your tag so it is easy to retrieve wen you wanna load it or keep it the same .
Click save.
 now back to your duplicate tag . Open it and apply Xero Serious fog at these settings:
Now you gonna get a blurry hazy mess.
 No fear
SELECTIONS-LOAD /SAVE SELECTION-LOAD ALPHA CHANNEL then select the image you just made from the drop menu on your left
Now you will see marching ants around the edges of the tag. this is your alpha image of your tag.
Change the blend to hard light and lower the Opacity to 89( or whatever looks best with your tag)
Open your mask layer 
Add your name in a gradient that matches you kit
Add an inner bevel with these settings:
 then a thick white gradient glow and drop shadow
add your artist URL/CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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