Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cyber Goth

Tube by Freya Langford-Sidebottom
found here for purchase
 kit- Gimptastic Scraps
Cyber Goth buy it here
 template by Mirella
scroll down to download beautifully fall template
 masks- WSL 301 and a 20/20 mask
Font- Alphabeta

 Eye candy 4 gradient glow

 Open your template hold shift D to copy and close your original.
Resize your template with the following measurements
These are used in this fashion so your image wont look pulled. I've been seeing tags with tubes and  templates skewed and not portioned well. Always Lock your aspect ratios to prevent that.
Delete your CR layer and the wordart layer.
Place the tire marks over raster9 and free rotate it 60 to the right. delete raster 9.
Place paper 4 over raster1,click on to the layer of raster1,select all,defloat, then invert selections and  hit delete your paper layer. then delete the original raster.
Copy'paste paper 5 into raster3.
reduce frame2 by 50% then free rotate4 to the right and place over the frame over raster 3.
 Repeat with frame1 and paper 8 over raster 8. Reduce frame 1 by 25%
Mirror frame3 and reduce by 45% then place paper2, activate raster7, invert selections then hit delete on the paper layer.
Delete all the ribbon layers.
Cover raster 10 with paper3
where the ribbon was over that layer place techy free rotated 85 to the left.
Cover raster 4 with paper10
Reduce the bricks by 50% then place over raster11, duplicate mirror and move back to match the length of the raster then delete the original raster layer and merge the bricks together.
Reduce the laptop by 70% and free rotate it 4 to the left and place over raster 12
place the webcam over raster 14 invert selections and delete the excess cam.
Copy/paste into selections of raster 14 the power button.
 reduce frame by 25% and place over the two small circular frames.
 Reduce the following elements
mouse by 50%
place the wordart and apply a thick gradient glow.
 place your tube behind the wordart layer.
Place the toxic drum behind the template layers then reduce  drops by 50% and place it on top of the drum on the right.
 reduce the wire by 75% and place to the bottom right
flip the corner element and place on the bottom left, duplicate mirror and merge.
Place the glass, deco and swirl.
 Reduce the lips then free rotate it 10 to the right. i think i reduced it by 40%
add a new raster layer and flood fill it with a gradient that matches your kit then apply the WSL mask.
Add another raster layer and flood fill it in a bright color from your kit and apply the 20/20 mask
Add your name with a 1 pixel outline in white.
 Add the artist CR, URL and your license number 
 Thanks for looking

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