Saturday, August 30, 2014

Dark One

Tube by Very Many found here for purchase
 Kit By Pink Paradox Productions called Autumn Gothique
Buy It Here
Font- Parseltongue

Open a new Canvas flood filled in white
 Reduce frame 8 by 40%
Reduce the tube by 50% and place as if she is sitting on the ledge of the window.

Reduce paper12 by 50% then 80% and place behind the frame layer. Erase anything that is past the edges of the frame.
Place el 171 under the bottom part of the frame and reduce by 50%
Place el80 reduced by 60% on each side of the frame.
Reduce el 11 by 25% and place on top of the frame
Reduce el 84 by 50% and place behind the frame layer and towards the top pf the canvas
Reduce 109 and 130 by 25% and place behind the top part of the frame.
 Duplicate them both and free rotate 90 to the left. place to the left of the frame then duplicate and mirror.
Free rotate el 129 90 to the left reduce by 50% and place to the left and right. Mirror them flip them and place.
Reduce el 96 by 50% and place over the frame layer to the right and erase the top portion to look like it is coming from behind the frame.
On the right window sill area I reduced the following elements
14 and 46 by 20%
 45 by 25%
186  by 10%
On the left side
177,185 and 1  by 10%
86, 176 by 25%
71 by 20%
65 by 25% then 80%
Free rotate 90 to the right and reduce el7  by 8 %
Place this color in your foreground #a90000
 this color in your background #404040
 set your gradient to linear 0 repeat
 and Type your name.
Add your artist URL, CR and your license number.
 Close off your background layer and merge your tag. 
Copy then apply EFFECTS- TEXTURE EFFECTS-POLISHED STONE at these settings:
Move as your last layer. this will act as a mask
save a PNG.
 Thanks for looking

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