Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dinner and then Me

Tube by Freya Langford-Sidebottom  
 buy it here
 Kit- Pink Paradox Productions
Bone Appetit
 Buy it here
mask WSL248
Eye Candy 5 Impact- Perspective shadow
 Open a new canvas 650 BY 650
Reduce frame 10 by 50% duplicate it and move down. then merge together.
 Click inside the bottom frames, expand the selection by 5, Add a new raster layer then copy paste paper19 into selection.
 Repeat with paper 20 to the top frames
add paper and apply you mask
Reduce your tube by 80% and duplicate it. On the top tube give it a drop shadow on the bottom tube apply Perspective shadow at these settings:
 arrange the nodes to make the shadow shift by creating a cup shape( small at the bottom and wide at the top)
Resize the stamp by 40%then free rotate it 20 to the right
resize the following elements
apple- 25% then 40%
Menu,cheese tomatoes,olive oil by 15%
 candle 18%
wine bottle 10%
Napkin, large flower,garlic string and carrots 35%
plate of spaghetti 30%
 flower 40%
 vine 40% the 80%
Menu wordart,grass blades, stone road  and sparkles 50%
 string of flowers 75%
 bunch of flowers 25%

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