Thursday, August 28, 2014


Tube by Roman Zaric- Feme Fatale -
Kit-Feme fatale by Kizzed By Kelz
buy it  HERE for purchase
 Font- Intima script two
Mask- MC-5 download here
Eye Candy 5 - impact _ Glass
Start with a canvas sized 650 by 650 flood filled in white
 Reduce the size of element 16 by 90%
Using your freehand selection tool set to circle click the center of the element and draw out a circle the size of the larger circle.
 Add a new raster layer and copy /paste paper 12 into selection
 Place the tube and mirror it.
Move it to the far left where you can see the face of the tube, then duplicate it and move it to the right and move it a layer under your first tube, repeat this again but move the tube to the far right.
 You should have three tubes.
Duplicate the tube one more time and reduce by 80% then 50% and close for the moment.
On the tube on the far left lower the opacity to 40 then activate and hit delete on the two other tubes,
On the center tube activate and hit delete on the right and left tube then lower the opacity to15.
 Activate the far right tube then hit delete on the other tubes and lower the opacity to 7.
 Activate the circle layer,invert selections then delete the excess tubes.
On the circle layer got to SELECTIONS- SELECT ALL-MODIFY- SELECTION BORDERS size 5 then apply EYE CANDY-IMPACT-GLASS.DO NOT DESELECT.Apply the glass filter to the tube layers as well.
Apply Noise to the dotted frame layer Gaussian 100 three times then add a drop shadow of 1,-1,61,5 black
Add paper8 as the last layer and apply your mask. Merge group and using your pick tool set to scale pull the nodes to each edge of the canvas, then duplicate the mask and reduce by 65%.
Move to the top left corner then duplicate and mirror.
Opne your reduced tube layer and place to the left side of the canvas, apply drop shadow 5,-4,37,5 black, then duplicate the tube and apply
EFFECTS-DISTORTION EFFECTS-WIND- from the right at 50 and move this under the tube layer.
Building the tag from the above the tube layer reduce the following elements
21 by 65%
18 by 40% mirror and flip
13 50% then flip
14 by 25%
11 by 50%
 place el 42
7 by 40% then free rotate 20 to the left
Elements under the tube layer
 39 by 50% place twice once to the top left , again to the bottom right above the masked layer
33 by 25%
14 by 35%
20 by 50%
Apply the same drop shadow as the tube to all the elements.
 Add your name, convert to raster then duplicate and apply the glass filter then merge down and apply the drop shadow twice.
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number
 thanks for looking

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