Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hidden Secrets

Tube by Barbara Jensen found in pack 60 sold at
Kit - Hidden Garden buy Crazy Carita
 Buy it here

 Mask WSL 5 and 51 download them here
font Maratre
eye candy 4 -glass
 VM natural Sparkle

 Open a new canvas flood filled in white and sized 650 by 650
What we are going to do today is play around with masks.
reduce el14 by 90%, click inside using your magic wand and expand your selections by 5, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper3 into selection. Place you close up tube,invert selections and hit delete to erase the excess tube. Change the blend to hard light.
 Merge the tube to the framer background then apply Eye Candy Glass
Free rotate el9 90 to the left and align the stem to the bottom of the frame place this behind the frame background. You might need to move the frame and frame background to the  right a bit to fit the flowers on the left side of the canvas
Place el 31 right behind the large leaf to the bottom left of the canvas. Reduce el 26 by 50% ans place at the right side of the flower just where it curves to the right.
Reduce el3  by 50% and place to the left and right of the canvas behind all the flowers on the bottom of the canvas
place el 10 right under the tall flower to match the curve then mirror el7 and place under it.
Reduce el27 by 50% and free rotate 20 to the left . Align the bottom edge of the pad to the curve of the tall flower's largest leaf.
Reduce el 6by 80% then free rotate 90 to the  right and mirror place over the pad and move down to the bottom right of the canvas. Duplicate and flip/ mirror move behind the large flower.
Place el 1 and 1a over the pad  and vine layer.
Reduce el 4 by 20%and place to the right on the frame
Reduce el 23 by 50% and place on the frame to the bottom left.
 Reduce the ribbon el17 by 35%, mirror and place under the flower layer twice. Once to the right and the other to the left
Reduce el 5 by 80% and move to the last layer of your canvas, Align with the circular edge of your frame then duplicate it and move to the left.
To decorate the pad i reduced el2 by 15% and el 25by 25%

 Add paper 4 and apply mask 5 then merge group. 
Trick #1
The mask is too light for my liking so i duplicate it to darken it then merge down.
I do this often to darken a mask but some mask have a fuzzy edge and when you darken it you can erase the edges with your eraser tool feathered by 20 ( TRICK 1A)
Sometimes the mask is too small so I use my pick to setting to scale and pull the nodes to the edge of the canvas(TRICK 1B)
But when you do this you lose some of the design of the mask at times. 
So here is what i do...
 I didn't care for the color of the mask from the paper i chose... no problem..
 Open another paper. i opened paper3  and selected my mask layer. Activate your selections
SELECTIONS-SELECT ALL - FLOAT then paste into selection. 
 then I add some filter style to it VM natural sparkle setting to 28.
then i noticed my bottom left corner is devoid of any mask. 
 Trick #2
 Duplicate your mask then reduce it by 50% and move it to the area you want to fill. For me it was the bottom left corner.
 Trick #3
 to make sure you don't go pass the canvas edge when moving objects such as a mask use the pick tool . this way you can avoid messing your edges up.
 So i wanted to add another element in a lighter color but didn't have one. well this is a CT tag and i try not to recolor stuff to show the elements in the truest form. But who says i can't add a mask as an element
Add a mask as an element to your tag
 Add paper2 and apply mask 5.
 Merge group, reduce by 50% and free rotate 25 to the right.
 Place to the bottom right of the canvas right above your mess layer

 Add your name  with paper2 in your material palette angle at 25
Convert to raster then duplicate.
 Add Eye candy glass to the bottom layer then Change the blend to the top name to color(L). Merge down. Add a thin border. i used the silver gradient. by doing this i Selected my name layer, expanded my selection by 2 and added a new raster layer. Floodfilled it with my gradient the sharpen more and add  a thick drop shadow
 Thanks for skimming  or reading this long winded TUT.
 I hope I taught  a little something in using a mask differently

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