Monday, August 25, 2014

Lost Highway TUT free wordart

 Tube by Freya Langford-Sidebottom
Found HERE for purchase
Kit by Pink Paradox Productions called Urban Hunk
 Buy It HERE

 Mask WSL 363
Font Quixotte

Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650
 place the tube and reduce by 80%
Reduce el 72 by 50% place to the bottom right corner
Dupliacet flip and mirror. move to the top center touching the bottom part to the top part of the first element.
 duplicate the original element again and move to the left .
 Duplicate the last element made reduce by 80% flip and move to the top left, duplicate mirror and move to the top right.
Your new frame should look like this
erase the inside of the frame to create a frame background
Place 2 papers first paper is #13 the sky matches the shirt on my tube.
 then place paper12 above it. using your freehand selection tool set to point to point select the sky on the top paper then hit delete. you dont have to go crazy with the edges. Use your background erase tool and select the sky from the top paper and click enter to delete any portion left that we didn't select with our tool.
 Then  duplicate the top paper which is now the road and dirt change the blend to multiply then merge down and merge again to the bottom paper.
 Click inside our newly made frame, expand our selections by 2 invert selections and delete the excess paper.
I added some clouds so reduce el 99 by 25% and place to the top right, duplicate flip and move back to the top right. erase anything pass the frame edges.
 Reduce el 90 by 50% and place behind the frame background layer about three times.
 place paper and duplicate changing the blend to multiply. merge down then apply your mask
Reduce el 3 by 50% and place behind the tube on the road 
Reduce el 7 by 80% and free rotate it 10 to the right
at the base of the tube from left to right reduce the following elements
34-25% then again at 80%
45-50% then again at 80 duplicate and change the blend to multiply
behind the tube reduce the following from left to right
 el1 and 14-50% duplicate and change the blend to multiply
Place this wordart

Or make your own. i used three fonts
 Impact, Road rage and Quixotte
Add a thin gradient glow and drop shadow.
 click the word Open road and add a new raster layer copy/paste the same paper we used in the masked layer
 Add your name then apply EFFECTS- ARTISTIC EFFECTS-CHROME at these settings:

add your artist URL/CR and your License number
 thanks for looking

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