Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Sweet Dreams

Tube By Arthur Crowe called Sweet Dreams coming soon to
Exclusive Kit by Crystals Creations called 
 Sweet Dreams  coming soon to
template 123 by dee download it here
fonts used
 2 peas  menagerie
Anabelle Script

 open the template and resize by 650 x650 pixels
Delete the Cr and wordart layers
 Place el6 as your mask placing it  on each of the four corners of the canvas. Then merge them down.
Merge the top and bottom pink rectangle and copy paste paper3 into selection. Also copy paste the same paper into center pink shape and large center orange shape.
Place el 27 over the rectangle layer towards the bottom left then duplicate mirror and flip
Click the top and bottom rectangle then place paper8, invert the selections and delete the excess paper.
Merge top and bottom purple circle and place paper 9 over it invert the selections and delete the excess
Copy and paste paper 6 into the selections of all the dotted layers
Merge the right and left purple rectangle and add paper2. move it to the left to show the darker portion , invert the selections and delete the excess. Copy/paste this same paper into the selections of the center cream stripes layer.
 Copy/paste paper5 into the selections of layers:
creme oval and large center creme shape
 copy / paste paper7 into selection of  the green oval layer
copy/paper6 into the top and bottom cream rings. delete the top and bottom pink circle and place el29 inside the cream ring. duplicate it mirror and flip. erase the stick
reduce paper11 by 50% and place over the cream left and right rectangle. invert the selections and delete the excess.
copy and paste paper 4 into the selections of the layers:
center orange stripe. center pink shape and center purple outline
 Free rotate el 19 90 to the right and place over the center cream stripes layer, duplicate and flip
copy/paste paper 12 into center cream shape layer
place paper 10 over the purple shape layer invert selections and delete the excess.
copy/paste paper1 into selections of the  green circle layers
Reduce your tube by 70%, duplicate apply Gaussian blur at 3 and change the blend to screen.
Reduce the following elements
 el 14 by 15%
el 7 50% then free rotate 35 to the left
el 11 by 40%
 place el9
el 8,16  and 2 by 25% then mirror
 free rotate el5 90 to the right
el 15 and 20 by 25%
el 4 ,12and 10 by 50%
 el 13 by 30%
el 18 by 35%
 el 3 25% then 50%
el24 by 10%
el 25 by 20%
add desired worart.
 I chose to write my sweet dreams.
 I used a gradient for the words "MY" and"  DREAMS"  then added a thick gradient glow.
 I took paper 8 reduced it by 50% then typed the word Sweet in a bold font, invert the selections after contracting the selections by one then deleting the excess. i added a bit of noise to the original work and added a inner bevel to the paper layer.
 Add your name , apply noise and a gradient glow
 then add your artist URL, CR and license number thanks for looking

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