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Tube by Ismael Rac called Super Star Bonus 2012
Spend 2.50 at the store and get the 2012 Super Star Bonus
 comes with 2 special layers.
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 Kit and Template by Kristin
 download them here
Mask LNL#5 by me( right click and save to your computer . Mask found at the bottom of the tut)
Font Metric
Toadies- where are you
Xenofex - constellations
Eye Candy Gradient Glow

 Open the template then hit shift D together to copy then delete the original
 Reduce the entire template by 650 pixels on it's widest side then expand your canvas to 650 by 650.
Reduce your tube by 40% and duplicate it.
 On the top tube change the blend to soft light
 on the bottom tube add a drop shadow of
4,10,37,4 black
Looking at the template I copy/pasted the following into the layers
Yellow rectangles top and bottom i pasted two different yellow papers
I repeated this with the pink rectangle layers with the different pink papers
Blue top rectangle I pasted a green paper and the bottom one i used a blue one.
I pasted paper21 into the circle layer and add a thick black gradient glow.
 Apply Noise at 100 Gaussian three times' Repeat with the pink rectangle layers
 Duplicate the top blue rectangle layer then paste another green paper into it.
 the rectangle in the center of the circle I opened up all the solid papers and placed them into their own layers above the original rectangle layer. Using your selection tool feather set to 20. select the top part of the paper and hit delete. Repeat this until you have some stripe. I color changed some papers after i ran out of colors to match the colors in my tube's boots.
Once done merge them all down.
 Take your closeup tubes and add them to this layer change the blend to one tube to screen and the other to hard light
Duplicate this merged layer and apply Toadies where are you at default then apply Xenofex Constellations setting to small stars.
Duplicate the original rectangle again apply Gaussian blur of 5 and change the blend to soft light and place under the tube layer,
Duplicate top pink rectangle and free rotate it 25 to the right. copy paste paper7 duplicate flip and copy paste paper14
add the splatter behind the template layers.
Place the sparkles above the tube layer
Reduce the following elements
beaded string , lights, wordart-50
Barbed heart, lips, flame, logo, bomb -25
 Ribbon 80
 bunny , string, cupcake, skateboard- 35
frame 2 -80
mirror frame 2 then duplicate  and flip. click inside the top frame and add a new raster layer color fill it in black.
 Above that layer add the mesh star and reduce by 35%, apply the same noise we did before. Place the star across the bottom and top of the tag.
add paper17 and apply the mask below
 click to enlarge then right click to save to your computer
 Add your name then convert to raster.
 then modify selections- selection borders size 2 , add a new raster layer copy /paste paper21 into selections and apply the same noise we used before.
add your artist URL. CR and license number
 Thanks for looking

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