Friday, August 8, 2014

School Sucks

Tube by The Hunter
Kit By Pink Paradox Productions called
 Naughty School Girl  sold HERE
Mask Rebel Designz Mar30
 Urban Scrawl Chill
Eye Candy 5 Nature-Drips

 Open a new canvas flood filled in white
Open your tube and reduce by 50% then 80%. I played around with the layers of her hair and opened up three color layers to get that effect. i also opened the red  and opened another color to get the hue.
Reduce elements 91-94 by 40%. place them together then merge them down and drop shadow
 To decorate the lockers I reduced the following elements
el 5 and 58 -15%
6,and 1 - 25%
88,135 and 97- 5%
el44 and 90( rotate 16 to the left) -8%
 to dress the polaroids use your free hand selection tool set to point to point. this is so you can have sharp edges when inverting the selections to delete.
the top photo i used a male tube of trinita reduced by 10%.
Free hand select the black part of the photo and add a new raster layer . Copy/paste paper 25 into selection , invert selection then delete the excess tube.
Repeat with the second photo using the motorcycle and paper 28.
 mirror the dog and place where you would like.  then erase any excess pooch from the photo
Reduce el87 by 35% and place to the left and behind the lockers. Duplicate and reduce by 80%. Align like a classroom.
 to decorate the classroom i reduced the following elements
el 70- 4%
80- 15% then 50%
104 by 25% and change the blend to dodge
98- 20%
Place el 101 as the wall for the classroom. place the black board over the window part. Then using your pick tool set to perspective pull the two nodes( corner boxes) on the right inward. to match the angle of the desks.
 Then type out any wording with the Abuse font and connect one of the letters with the chalk.
 Decorate around your tube with the following elements reduced
102 by 30%  and place around to build your flooring from the tube to the classroom
71-73 by 10% and free rotate one book 15 degrees to the left and the other to the right.
11,85 and 16-20%
7 and86-25%
47,24 and 18 -10%
68 by 35% then 80%
74 by 50%
22- 20% then 50%
then type any phone number in purple using the   Urban scrawl chill font
Add paper2 and apply your mask
Type your name with a white outline 2 pixels wide.
Then using your magic wand click inside the outline and apply EFFECTS-ARTISTIC EFFECTS-HALFTONE
the duplicate your name and apply EYE CANDY 5 NATURE- DRIP at these settings:
Small Spray Paint

Add your artist CR , URL and your license number

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