Friday, August 15, 2014

Special night

 Tube by Very many called Helen  sold here
 Kit By Pink Paradox Productions called  Blue& Gold
Buy It here
mask WSL255
 Font- one chance
Eye candy Impact Perspective shadow
Penta color dot
 Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650
Create your scenery and merge all elements once you have drop shadowed them
 I used papers 1 and 10 for my wallpaper.
For my mid wall moulding i used the frame 4 top edge
I places 8, 27 and reduce 97 by 50%
elements used on the left were 67,33,15( reduce to fit to your liking
 on the right i used elememts 60.65.22 and 23
to adorn the wall i used 31 and 69 reduced by 25%
I added 76 to add some flair to the wall design.
 Now place the chandelier but done reduce yet until we got the piano set then reduce.
Place el 83 and reduced to fit your room
adjust the sizes of the elements to fit your needs then merge everything down except for the piano
Reduce your tube to fit on top of the piano
 then place some accents around the piano
 i used the champagne bottle, glass, diamond ring, the shoe and present
 Duplicate your tube. apply your perspective shadow
setting to short perspective in front and move the box to pull the shadow up a bit.
 Now apply your mask and merge group.
 Duplicate it and apply Gaussian blur at 5, then duplicate it again mirror and apply Penta color dot
setting to distance 11 and all other sliders to 255
Add your name with a chrome gradient( this came with my( PSP)
 It is a gold, white and blue gradient
 then apply an inner bevel , duplicate and change the blend to multiply.
 add your artist URL. CR and your license number thanks for looking

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