Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tea Party

Tube by Freya Langford-Sidebottom
 62 layers WOW!
 buy it here
 kit by Pink Paradox Productions called
 Graveyard Tea Party
 Buy it here
Font -Tribal Threat
Mask 65 by moonbeams and spiderwebs download it here
 Xero _Emphasis

Place paper 26 and apply your mask
Reduce frame 5 by 50%
Place paper 27 behind the frame, click inside with your magic wand, expand the selections and then invert your selections. Hit delete.
Place your tube reduce by 85%
 Apply Xero Emphasis. This will turn your tube into black and white on the preview. Click on the box white box under the first row and select your skin color with your dropper. Repeat until your preview shows that skin is all colored
We are gonna build the scenery around the tube.
all the gravestones were reduced by 15%
Reduce el 123 by 35% and place to the right
 place the moon at 12% behind the house
place el 173 behind the house
 Elements reduce by the following percentages:
156 at 40
157 at 50
125,127 at 35
66,120  and 88 by 20
 121 and 128 at 50
 30 at 10
 all tea accessories at 20
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