Monday, September 29, 2014

happy Pumpkins

 tube used 2014 Sassy Chic HD SL 
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 FTU kit 
Justine Halloscream
Scroll down to get it
 Font LD Antique
font for wordart A T & Love
 Eye Candy Gradient glow
 masks WSL 281 and 356

Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650
Reduce your tube by 45%
Add paper9 then apply mask 281
 add paper6 above this layer and apply mask 356
place the haunted house then reduce start trees by 50% and place behind the how on each side.
Reduce bat1  by 25% and free rotate it 5 to the left
Place pumpkin1 behind the tube layer and bow1 on top of that.
Place leaf 3 on top of the left side of the pumpkin then reduce sparkle by 50% and place above this layer
 place candy 4 to the right
 reduce the following elements
 zombie hand and  candy bucket  by 40%
 brain, bloody eye, lisa pumpkin2, and hungry pumpkin by 50%
pumpkin lollipop by 29%
 type out your name and apply a gradient glow
Use my wordart below or make your own by using the pen setting to freehand with your background null foreground to any color draw a wavy line then using your text tool place the arrow at the edge of the line. then start typing your text. close the line layer then convert to raster.

FREE WORDART ( right click to save)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Grave Crazy

tube by Ismael Rac called 2014 Forbidden Evil HD SL 
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 FTU Kit by Kittz called
 Halloween Kitties download it here
font- Halloween Miscreant
 mask- MPM mask 69 download it here
 open a new canvas sized 650 by 650 
Reduce your tube by 45%
 duplicate it and apply Xero Bad dream at these settings:
 Change the blend to  soft light
reduce 5, 23, 53 and 50 by 50%
place all the other elements as is
 add desired paper as the background to the frame 
 duplicate the frame and apply Gaussian blur 10, duplicate three times to darken then apply Penta Color dot to the layer.
 Flood fill a new raster layer with two colors from the kit then apply your mask.
Add your name in the same gradient then convert to raster.\
 Contract your selections by 2, add desired paper, invert selections then hit delete.
 Add a noise at 10 to your gradient name, an inner bevel to the paper layer name
 then Add a thick black and white gradient to the name.
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

Hot Embers

Tube by Jose Cano called Ember
 Matching Kit by Lysiras graphic World
 coming soon to

 Font Devilette
Sparkle mask by me
 click to enlarge then right clock and save
 open  a new canvas 650 by 650
 Place frame 1 and reduce by 80%
place frame 4 over it and reduce 80% as well
Click inside frame 1 expand your selections by 5, add a new raster layer and copy paste paper 11 into selections
reduce the eyes by 25% and paste around the paper layer just places. 
 click inside frame 4 and copy paste a paper 2 into a new raster layer
Reduce frame 2 by 50% and place on the top left hand corner, free rotate 20 to the left, duplicate mirror and [lace at the bottom right.
 Click inside and add a new raster layer,add paper 8 into the selections of the new raster layer,
 place frame 3 behind them and add a new raster layer copy/paste paper 4 into selections
Place paper2 and apply your mask
place floral bow to the top right.
 Reduce  wonky cane by 50% and place to the bottom right, duplicate mirror and flip and place to the bottom left.
place glitter at the bottom of the tag.
Reduce your tube by 65%.
Reduce the following elements
 winged skull by 70%
cat on pumpkin,skull and roses, razor blade hearts by 25%
 witch hat 35%
Black widow  reduce by 80%three times
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

Friday, September 26, 2014

Zombie Care

tube by Di Halim of
this tube is a ZOMBIE LAYER of the Doc tube

buy the kit here
 Font- Bloody
 Mask- RR mask set 2_1 download it here
Eye Candy Nature- Water Drops, Rust and Drips
 What i used and how I resized everything
papers9, 20 and 23 were used.
 i reduced paper 23 by 20%
paper 9 was used with the mask and 23 was used as the frame background.
the tube was reduce by 455 and a filter used to enhance the color EFFECTS- PHOTO EFFECTS- FILM and FILTERS-VIVID SKIN TONES at default
Frame17 was reduce by 80%
81,84 by 5%
55 by 7%
119 ,104,73 and 121 by 10%
194 , 173, 158, 160,72 , 67, 45, 51,17 ,1,3 ,5 and 4 by 15%
207 ,106,70 and 2 by 20%
194,168,113 by 25%
56,48 by 35%
18 by 35% then again at 505 then mirror
89,83,82,16 by 40%
arrange as you wish then drop shadow  everything
Type your name out in 125 pixels in the gradient instructed below
 gradient for text foreground #7b1515
 then apply Eye Candy Nature water drops at these settings:
 then apply Eye Candy  Nature Rust at these settings:
use this color #bcb97c
Add your drop shadow then duplicate it and change the blend to hard light
 end result depends on  the size of the font. i had to adjust my sliders when i did a smaller font

Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 Below is an animated copy of the tag

 Thanks for looking

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Rain

Tube by Zlata M of
 FTU clusters and Sampler kit by Gothic Inspirations 
Download them here and here
Mask WSL 260
 Font-Ether Cute Poison
 Mura Meister Copies
Eye Candy 5 Nature
Filters Unlimited2- Render
Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Reduce your tube by 45%( i used the close up tube)
On the top tube apply EFFECTS-PHOTO EFFECTS_ Film and Filter - vivid skin tones at default then change the blend to soft light
Open and copy cluster 3 and reduce by 40% place behind the tube
Reduce frame1 by 80% and place over the cluster.
Reduce the bend and place above the frame layer to the right. the reduce  fern by 40% and place twice once under the frame layer and the second over the frame layer.
Reduce hearts by 50% and place on each side of the bottom part of the frame.
Reduce the limb by 50% and align with the inner edge of the frame on the left hand side.
Reduce the rain drops by 25% then apply Mura Meister copies Line increase the number to 10 and the rest of the settings at default.
 Duplicate the line and move down and to the right. then duplicate again and move doe to the left. Do this until you have four lines then merge then together. Using your rectangular selection tool. Select the middle of your frame, invert the selections then hit delete. Change the blend to soft light and drop shadow the drops layer.
Add paper and apply your mask
Reduce the rose by 45% then place on top of the bench
Place the ground element over the bottom edge of the tube.
Reduce the doodle swirl by 80%
Reduce the following elements
 the mug, steam by 20%
candle and bottle by 25%
the book by 35%
 Type your name  

 Place the mesh above your mask layer then reduce by 80%. Select the inside of your frame then hit delete.
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
Save a s a  PNG
 Thanks for looking

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Halloween 2014 Collab tags for Ismael Rac

 Tags made with Ismael Rac's Artwork
 Get his stuff here 
and a part of a collab for hHalloween 2014 by 
Lysiras Graphic World
 sold HERE

Lip Stick TUT

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Also a sale is going on

Font Hot Pink
 Mura Miester Copies

Open a new canvas 600 by250
Place paper9 on to the canvas
Place any elements your want on the tag. 
i used elements 14 and 8
 I duplicated the flower and applied Mura - Miester copies- wallpaper rotate
at these settings:
Then i applies Effects-Distortions Effects- Pixelate
Using your selection tool set to point to point. Select the top half of your tag in a diagonal motion then hit delete on your pixelated layer.
Place el 24 on your canvas.
 Place your tube on your canvas do not move it.
 Go back to you tube and close off the layer  marked eyes.
then merge visible and paste on to your canvas.
Click your layer link toggle button on both tube layers on your canvas. then using the move tool over your tube down to show the face.
On the eyes open tube select the lashes then promote your layer. flip and mirror then place on the bottom edge of the eyes closed tube. using your erase tool set to size 5 erase part of the lashes to make them look natural. then using your soften tool set to size 10 click over the lashes to blend. using your light/darken tool click the lids of your eyes closed layer size 10  to highlight where the eyeball would be when you close your eyes. soften again then merge down the lashes we promoted to the eyes closed layer. add a drop shadow to both tubes.
 Add a gradient boarder with a gradient glow.
 Add your name, artist URL and CR.
Copy a merged copy of the tag with the eyes open then do it again with the eyes shut.
 In Animation shop change the  timing for the eyes open to 120 and the eyes closed to 20
 Save as a GIF.
 To make the avatar I opened a new canvas sized 125 by 200
 Merged the background from the forum tag and pasted it to the avatar.
 Added my tube and reduced by 45%
 add your artist CR your license number the same border and save as a PNG

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mom's Attic

 Tubes in this tutorial are the bonus tube Blue Topaz and the surprise bonus Lisa
Both made by Barbara Jensen
 How to get these tubes...

Buy $10.00 or more in tubes from the store and get the layered bonus tube titled "Blue Topaz"...PLUS a second surprise bonus tube! (Scrap kit sales not included towards the bonus tube) Check out the full bonus tube preview by clicking the box in the store. No need to write to Customer Help for the bonus...they will send it to you within 36 hours...This bonus tube will last for 3 MORE DAYS ending on Sept 23rd.

Kit by Crazy Carita Called Nostalgia

Buy it HERE
Font Kaligrafia  Galana Tres
 Mask Trese Mask 40- download here
 Filters/ Plugins
 Xero- Porcelain
 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
 Add your tube, duplicate and apply Gaussian blur5 blend to soft light.
 Apply Xero - Porcelain at these settings:
to the original tube.
 Reduce el 25 by 80% and sharpen
 Apply paper8 then apply your mask
Place el14 over the lace layer and under your tube layers.
 Reduce el 15 by 50% and place at the bottom sharp edge of your tube.
Click inside the frame with your magic wand,expand your selections by 10, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper6 into selections. Sharpen more.
Place el20 behind your tube towards the top of your frame.
Place el 28 then reduce the following elements that were placed on the left side of the tag.
el 22- 20%
el 8 and 24- 25%
el 1 and 4 by 50%
 flip and mirror el 21 then reduce by 40%
 the elements on the right side were reduced as follows
reduce paper2 by 20%
el 13 by 35%
 the bonus tube Lisa by 35% then apply the same porcelain settings as before
el 7,11,12 and 17 -35%
el 5 -25%
el 27 -50% then free rotate 90 to the right
el -23 20%
type your name out in a gradient and apply an inner bevel of choice, then add a gold gradient border Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

Sexy Stockings

tube sexy stocking by Ismael Rac
 matching kit by Niquis designs
 template by pooker download here
 mask WSL 207
 Font bright like stars
 Reduce the entire template by 650 on it's longest side
Copy /paste all the different paper as you wish in the large layers not the dotted layers.
Place el7 behind the template layer
Place el 27 above the heart layer
Reduce el 12 by 15% and place in the little circles
Reduce el 26 by 20%
 Reduce both elements 23 abd 24 by 50%
Add your tube reduce by 40%
 Add a raster layer flood fill in a gradient apply your mask
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

Friday, September 19, 2014

Queen Of Hollywood

Tube used 2012 Bonus MM  by Ismael Rac

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Font Queen for today
 Floral mask of choice
Xero - Emphasis
Eye candy Glass
 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Reduce your tube by 80% then duplicate and apply Xero -Emphasis
 Color pick the red color from her lips then click ok.
 Change the blend to overlay
Place el 17 behind the tube layers
Click inside the frame, expand the selections by 2, place paper as a new raster layer then invert the selection and hit delete.
 Reduce el 9 by 50% then free rotate 20 to the right
 Place el 20 behind the frame background paper and repeat the rotations we used on the bow.
 Add paper 8 and apply your mask
Place el 29 in from of your tube layer and el 24 behind the tube to the right
Reduce elements 26 and 27 by 50%,23 by 40% and 3 by 25%
Add your name, apply eye candy 4 glass then enhance edges
 add your artist URL, CR and your license number.
Thanks for looking

Dead Sexy

 Tube 2013  Dead Gorgeous

*SPECIAL BUY 9-18-14 TO 9-19-14**
Get the 2013 Dead Gorgeous Plus Kit Or the 2012 Bonus MM This was a Bonus Tube back in 2012 FREE with Minimum Purchase . Just pop it in your cart at check out. No GC's accepted as a form of payment.
 Mask WSL 99
 Font Evil Dead
Xenofex 2 - Stain

Open a new canvas 650 by 650 flood filled in black
 Add paper then apply your mask
Reduce your tube by 40%
 place your closeup tube in the center hole of the masked layer. move it to the right. 
 Click inside the hole of the mask with your magic wand and expand your selections by 20, invert your selections and delete the tube's excess, duplicate your tube and apply Gaussian blur ten move below the original tube and clean your edges with your eraser tool.
Free rotate el31 20 to the left then place elements 32 and 35
Reduce elemnts 34 and 36 by 50%
 Add your name with paper 6 as your background and the color black as your foreground
Apply Xenofex- Stain and change the size to 12
 Add your artist URL/CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

Autumn Greens

Tube Zlata M of
Kit by Pink Paradox Productions
called Autumn Splendor
 Buy it Here
Mask - MC mask1 DLL it here
Font-basquiat DLL it Here
All elements had Photo Effects- Timeline setting to 1960's applied 
 Open a new canvas flood filled in white
Open elements 11,114 and 145 reduced by 50%
place paper3 and apply your mask
Reduce your tube by 65%
Place paper 25 behind the tube layer and frame reduce by 35% and erase the edges
reduce el 120 by 405 and place behind the frame to the right
Mirror el44  and reduce by 30% place behind the tube layer
Reduce el 126 by 35% and place to the left over the frame layer
The rest of the elements are place above the tube layer and reduced as follows
24 -65%
36 and 37 by 40%
38 and 83 -30%
 place el146 and crop your tag
 Erase any part of you tube hanging past the edges of the elements placed
pace your name in a gradient and apply edge effects enhance.
 Add your artist CR,URL and your license number
 Thanks for looking