Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bat Cemetery

Tube by Isamel Rac called  BITE ME buy it here
 2014 halloween Colla Kit
 portion by Niquis Designs
 buy it here
WSL Halloween mask2
Font - A Charming Font
Eye Candy4 Gradient glow
 Open a new canvas flood filled in white 650 by 650
 Add your tube then add el34 behind it 
Apply Effects- Photo Effects- Film and filters- Enhanced reds -creative filters - cooling density 10.
 Then duplicate the tube and change the blend to hard Light
 Reduce el by 25% and place on the top left hand corner of the tombstone.
 Place element 17 towards the bottom edge of the tube reduced by 80%
Place el 18 in the center and el 19 towards the top of the canvas.
 reduce el 26 by 80% and place to the right
Free rotate el11 90 to the left then reduce by 50%
Reduce elements as follows
28 and 16 at 35%
6 at 25%
 place el 14 and apply the 20/20 mask ( google it )
 Paper 5 and apply your WSL mask
 Add your name in the colors of the kit for each letter then add  noise at 100.
Add a thick white and black gradient glow.
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number .
 Thanks for looking

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