Friday, September 12, 2014

Beware Of Rocking Witch

Rock Halloween tube by Tony Tzanoukakis
Found here for purchase
In this tut I used All four Collab kits 
 Available here
Font Midnight Moon
Mask WSL 363
 Xero - Radiance
 Eye Candy4 Gradient glow
open a new canvas sized 650 by 650
Looking in the kit TT_Halloween Collab By Lysira open the following elements
Frame1 and 2
frankie sign
paper6 and 8
Tony halloween Kit By Crystal's Creations
paper1,2,4 and 5
elements 3, 10, 15, 17,20,21 and 30
Tony Halloween Collab_Kit by Kizzed by Kelz
2,4,5,27 and paper 5
NQ_Tonny Collab by Niqui designs
elements 3 and 10
 papers1,7 and 10
Reduce frame 2 by 80% and frame 1 by 90%
Free rotate frame1 25 to the left and place behind frame 2
Click inside frame 1 and expand your selections add a new raster layer
Copy paste H_pp4 Crystal's creations into selection
then repeat with Kizzed by kelz paper 5 for the other frame
 now we are gonna draw out some shapes to make our own template.
doesn't matter what color we use we are gonna cover it in paper and add a gradient glow to it.
 make a large oval behind the frames. Covert to raster then copy/paste  TT Paper6 into selection then apply a thick black and white gradient glow.
 Draw out a  medium sized oval on to top right corner then copy/paste nq paper10 into selections.
Thank apply the gradient glow.
Make two small circle place at the bottom and copy/paste TT_collab paper8 into selections and add the gradient glow
 Make three rounded edged rectangles and place to the left of the canvas.
 Add these papers as a new raster layer then invert selections to delete the excess.
Apply a colorful gradient glow. i used two of the colors from the kit
 i used these three papers on the thin rectangles
TT paper 8, Kelz paper3 and crystal's paper1
Place He 30 from crystal's kit and apply noise at 100. place under the large oval layer twice. move one to the top and the other to the bottom.
Place NP3 over the large oval layer from Niqui kit
Place yout tube in the center and apply Xero Radiance at these settings:
 place hee_17 behind the tube
 reduce the elements 
he_17 , 20,21 nq_17and the black candles by 25%
 Add el 4 and 27 from crystal's kit then add NQ10 above that layer
Add the remaining papers ad the small frame background.
 to decorate it i used
H_ee10 by 50% and Franken sign by 20%
 Add He _3 and H paper2
 Apply the mask add your name, artist URL CR and your license number
Thanks for looking

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