Monday, September 8, 2014

Cute Trick Or Treat

New Pack 61 is available now AND a NEW BONUS TUBE...PLUS a SECOND SURPRISE BONUS TUBE! Check it all out here:
New pack 61 has the tube only option and the layers option. Tons of fun layers to play with including HALLOWEEN LAYERS!
AND....Buy $10.00 or more in tubes from my store and get the layered bonus tube titled "Blue Topaz"...PLUS a second surprise bonus tube! (Scrap kit sales not included towards the bonus tube) Check out the full bonus tube preview by clicking the box in the store. No need to write to Customer Help for the bonus...they will send it to you within 36 hours....but it never takes that long as most of you know. This bonus tube will last for 2 weeks ending on Sept 23rd. AND....There are 6 new kits from Crazy Carita with 3 Halloween kits too!

Used in this tut Bonus tube Blue Topaz and Cute Halloween kit by Crazy Carita
Kit is available here
Masks used WSL297( on wordart)
WSL 220 on paper
Font Club Fluffy
animation by jusgraphix
zany bolts
download here
 Mura Miester Copies
Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Place your tube reduce by 90% and el3 to the left behind it, duplicate and reduce by 50%, mirror and place to the right.
Place el4 to the left behind the tree
Place el 24 behind the tree, use the pick tool setting to scale to reduce the sides to the size of the canvas.
Place el twice behind it.
 Reduce el28 by 25% then sharpen more and apply Mura Miester copies tiling
 then apply WSL 297 and merge group
Add paper7 and apply WSL maks220 and merge group
Reduce el 1,2,8,7 and15 by 50%
el9,18,5,6,10 by 25%
Reduce el26 by 50% freehand select the handle and promote the layer. delete the original handle. flip the promoted handle and reduce by 50% again. place on top of the pumpkin
Duplicate l9 and reduce by 50% again then apply Mura Miester copies -glob settings:
then erase a bit of it to look like it is coming out of the pumpkin.
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number.
 Close your background layer and merge visible your tag. Duplicate it and change the blend to hard light.
Merge visible again and copy paste to your animation program
 To animate open up your pre made animation.
 It is not the color i desire so we are gonna resize and recolor the animation
 Copy and paste a merged copy of your tag from psp.
 Then open your animation, select all of the animation layers.
 Click the top color box marked old color.  you will see a color picker appear pick the color from your animation you would like to change then click the box saying new color and color pick the color from your tag you want to change it to. Repeat this until the color is filled in nicely. I replaced the purple with the blue from the tag.
Now keep all layer selected we are gonna resize the animation.
 then copy your tag and paste it 120 times Select all then copy your newly recolored animation and paste on to the tag. Save as a GIF
 Thanks for looking

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