Monday, September 1, 2014

Fairy Pumpkin Love

Tube by Arthur Crowe called Pumpkin Fairy Love
 available at soon
Matching kit-Pumpkin Fairy love 
Kizzed By Kelz
 Buy it here soon
Font Barjareczka here
Mask WSL 99
Eye Candy4- HSB Noise
Eye Candy Impact- Glass
 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Open your tube and reduce by 70%
Place el 21 in front of your tube towards the bottom
Reduce el 27 by 50% and place on top of the dual frame openings
Reduce paper 12 by 35%and place behind the frame layer erase the over hang.
Duplicate and promote your tube layer above the frame layer and erase the bottom portion of your tube and the part covering the white flower.
Add el 32 behind the tube layer under the frame layer.
Place el 37 behind it to the right
 Reduce el 25 by 50% and place over el 32 layer
 We are gonna make a frame.
Open paper9 and place it in your foreground material palette
 You can do this by clicking the foreground area in your material palette then clicking the patter tab on to the top. Click the down arrow next to the pattern and search for your paper. Setting should be o and 100. click ok and close the background layer by clicking the transparent button on the background portion of your materials palette.
Select your preset shape- Rectangle Line style - solid,width 15 and make sure your show nodes and create on vector are checked.
 Now click onto your canvas and pull up or down to make your rectangle.
 Pull the corner nodes down to round out your edges. 
to adjust the size you can switch over to  your pick tool setting to scale and move the nodes to adjust the size. you wanna make it so the top of your rectangle is right under the leaves we just mad and the bottom meets the leaves on the bottom of the tag.
 once done Covert to raster than Apply Eye Candy Glass at default.
 Then apply Edge effects- enhance
Click inside your newly made, expand your selections by 5, add a new raster layer then copy /paste paper6 into your selection.
 Place your close up tube over this layer a couple of times to fill the paper layer up. i reduced mine by 50%( yeah I know could have used the other tube but i had changed my mind LOL)
Once happy with your arrangement, invert selections of your background paper layer then hit delete on your tube layer. Change the blend to overlay then duplicate again to darken.
Place el 33mirrored and 34 under the dual frame layer towards the bottom of the tag
place el 19 as the last layer and duplicate,change then blend to hard light.
Place el 11 reduced by 50% on top of the frame layer to the left , duplicate and mirror.
Reduce element 15 and 10 by 25%
 Ele40 by 50%
 I could have stopped here and just added a mask and name to the tag but i went and added some circles behind the ribbon layer.
 Go back to your preset shape tool and set it to Ellipical close your foreground and open your background layer. It really doesn't matter what color it is we are gonna cover it in papers.
Convert your circle to raster and duplicate 5 more times. i made 6 over lapping circles.
I copy/pasted papers14, 5, 4, and 1 into selection of each circle.
 On the textured papers I added a border using paper 3 and added a noise at 100 then drop shadow.
 on the solid paper layer I added selection borders and promoted the layer then applied Eye Candy 4 wood then drop shadowed.
Add paper15 and apply your mask move to the bottom layer in the tag.
Add your name.
Treatment to the name was a linear gradient using these two colors
#cf2900 and #ffffff
 then convert to raster.Apply Eye Candy 4 HSB Noise at these settings:
then duplicate the name and apply EFFECTS-TEXTURE EFFECTS-EMBOSS
 Change the blend to overlay. On the original name selections-modify- selection borders size 2 then apply noise. adda thick drop shadow.
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number.
 Thanks for looking

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