Monday, September 8, 2014

Feel The Rock

Tube-2Cool4School Recamp By Ismael Rac
Special buy 9/8/14-9/9/14
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 and get
Plus2012 original version
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 No GC's are accepted as a form of payment for this deal
 Kit- FTU Feel the Rock by Killer Kitty
 Download here
Mask WSL204
Font Agra Axera
Template2-3 by brutal designs
 download here

 Open template and reduce to 650 on it's widest side
Reduce your tube by 55%
add a drop shadow to your tube0,4,4 64 black
Reduce some frames to put over the circle layers i used frames 3 and 4
Reduce frame 4 by 65% and place over both dk purple oval layers.
Copy/paste paper1 into selection of both circle layers.
Copy paste paper9 into the selections of the grey circle layers.
Reduce frame3 by 80% place over the bigger one then duplicate and reduce by 80% again
Copy/paste paper8 into the  purple square layers
copy/paste paper6 into the selections of blackish square layers
Add a thick white gradient
copy/paste paper 11 into lt grey rect on the bottom and paper7 on the top one.
copy/paste paper4 into the thin grey rect.
Copy/paste paper 10 in to the rounded grey square add a gradient glow
 place  paper5 and activate lt grey rect bottom and invert selection delete the excess paper then add a gradient glow
Reduce the following elements
 boombox1 , piano keys and flame2 by 50%
gem1 lipl s and sunglasses at 25%
Turntable by 405 then mirror
 Guitar by 75% the free rotate 10 to the  right
 Add frame 6 to the top and reduce by 40% then duplicate move to the top then merge down. click inside and expand the selections by2 add a new raster layer and flood fill in a linear gradient repeat at 6 angle by 45.
Place skull charm at the top of the template then reduce bead alpha by 70% erase the string and place above the skull charm. I changed the color by way of using XERO- Greytinter
Add your name with two gradients, one the outline sized 3 and the other for the inside of the name.
Add a new raster laer with the same gradient you used for inside the name and apply your mask
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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