Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lip Stick TUT

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Font Hot Pink
 Mura Miester Copies

Open a new canvas 600 by250
Place paper9 on to the canvas
Place any elements your want on the tag. 
i used elements 14 and 8
 I duplicated the flower and applied Mura - Miester copies- wallpaper rotate
at these settings:
Then i applies Effects-Distortions Effects- Pixelate
Using your selection tool set to point to point. Select the top half of your tag in a diagonal motion then hit delete on your pixelated layer.
Place el 24 on your canvas.
 Place your tube on your canvas do not move it.
 Go back to you tube and close off the layer  marked eyes.
then merge visible and paste on to your canvas.
Click your layer link toggle button on both tube layers on your canvas. then using the move tool over your tube down to show the face.
On the eyes open tube select the lashes then promote your layer. flip and mirror then place on the bottom edge of the eyes closed tube. using your erase tool set to size 5 erase part of the lashes to make them look natural. then using your soften tool set to size 10 click over the lashes to blend. using your light/darken tool click the lids of your eyes closed layer size 10  to highlight where the eyeball would be when you close your eyes. soften again then merge down the lashes we promoted to the eyes closed layer. add a drop shadow to both tubes.
 Add a gradient boarder with a gradient glow.
 Add your name, artist URL and CR.
Copy a merged copy of the tag with the eyes open then do it again with the eyes shut.
 In Animation shop change the  timing for the eyes open to 120 and the eyes closed to 20
 Save as a GIF.
 To make the avatar I opened a new canvas sized 125 by 200
 Merged the background from the forum tag and pasted it to the avatar.
 Added my tube and reduced by 45%
 add your artist CR your license number the same border and save as a PNG

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