Saturday, September 13, 2014


Tube used in this tutorial is called Blue Topaz a bonus tube by Barbara Jensen
Buy $10.00 or more in tubes from and get the layered bonus tube titled "Blue Topaz"...PLUS a second surprise bonus tube! (Scrap kit sales not included towards the bonus tube) This bonus tube will last for 2 weeks ending on Sept 23rd. AND
 the kits used is by Crazy Carita called Opulence
Buy it here
Font Candle script
Open a new canvas 650 by 650
reduce el1 by 98%
free rotate el27 90 to the right then reduce by 65%. Duplicate and move one to the left and the other to the right.
Reduce el18 by 80%
place under the fraame layer
Place el25 on top of the frame, click inside with your magic wand and expand your selections by 2.
 Add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper2 into selection then add edge effects enhance.
Add your close up tube then apply Photo effects-  film and filters -vibrant foliage
Free rotate el 13 90 to the left and reduce by 15%, duplicate five times and make an arch to place up top.
Reduce el 7 by 25% and place right under the arch we just made
reduce el 17 by 40% and place to the right, click inside the key hole and expand your selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy/paste el4 into selections
Place el 4 on the canvas again and reduce by 15% then apply Mura Meister copies -setting star cluster
place  at the bottom of your tag
Reduce the following elements:
6 at 25%
16 at 50%
11,24,26,29 at 40%
10,20,21 at 35%
19 at 15%
12 at 80%
2 and 28 at 45%
22 at 98%
 Add your name an place el4 again reduce by 75% then activate the name layer place the element over it,inverts selections then hit delete
 add your artist URL, CR and your license number
animated version

Thanks for looking

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