Saturday, September 6, 2014


New Tube By Ismael Rac

Tube 2014 Spandex tube
Sold here

Matching kit by Desirena Designs
Sold here
Template 43 by Mirella download it here
 Fonts- Kitty Weed- Here
Mervale Script- Here

Eye candy5- Texture Animal Fur
Tramages-Wee Scratches
Filters Unlimited2-Edges Round

 open your template  delete the Cr layer then  GOTO image Rotate to the left.
 Then Free Rotate raster9 layer 20 to the left.
 Add your tube and reduce by 40%
Copy/paste paper10 as a new layer,invert selections of rastr9 , hit delete,apply Edge effects -Enhance to the paper layer, invert selection by 5 apply Noise at 100 Gaussian and uncheck monochrome.
Copy/paste paper11 into the selections of raster 6 and repeat the edge effects and noise.
 Place el5 behind raster7 and reduced by 70%
Select raster7 add a new raster layer flood fill in a gradient. Apply Edge effects again then apply Texture effects soft plastic at default.
Add paper1over raster 2, invert selections of raster2 and hit delete.
Reduce el10 by 25% and free rotate 10 to the right. duplicate and mirror move up and above the previous paw print. repeat this until you reach the top of the template.
Place el 20 over raster 8 reduce by 50%
Duplicate and place over raster3.
 Apply Eye candy5 Texture- Animal Fur at default on raster 3
Apply Ajust- Brightness/contrast on raster 4 at these settings:
-255 and 100
Place el18 in the center, duplicate and change the blend to screen
Place el 13 reduce by 50%
 Reduce el19 by 505 and place on the bottom and top of raster9
 free rotate el26 90 to the right and reduce by 50% , duplicate mirror and flip.
reduce el 15 by 35%
el 1 by15% , duplicate and mirror and free rotate 10 to the left
Type the word MEOW using the Kitty font in the same gradient we used before change the direction to vertical and to the right before converting to raster. Apply Edge effects.
Reduce el 8 by 10% and place behind the letter M
Close the background off, merge visible your tag then copy.
 Place the copy on the bottom and apply Tramages Wee Scratches then apply Round Edges#2
 Add el22 above the masked layer and 25 above the tube layer
 Add your name in a gradient.
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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