Wednesday, September 17, 2014


 Tube named Ruby  by Roman Zaric
 buy her here
Matching kit by Niquis designs
 available at
mask WSL 221
Fonts-  BM Cinema, EarthquakeMF and Abstract classic font
Greg's output factory- pool shadow
Mura Meister -copies
VM Extravaganza- Height Lines
 Eye Candy4- Jiggle and Glass
Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650
 Reduce your tube by 35% place 9 under your tube. 
Click inside of the element, expand your selections by 2,  and paste paper 7as a new raster layer invert selections then delete the excess.
 Apply Eye Candy Jiggle at these settings:
Place el 25  behind the spiked collar layer. Then place el 22 and 18.
 Duplicate the lips layer and change the blend to overlay
Reduce el 4 by 50% free rotate 90 to the left and place to the top left corner and the bottom right corner,
 Click inside the frames, expand the selection by 2, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper5 into selection.
place the tube full sized and mirror. Move to the top right boxes, invert selections then delete.
 Only show a part of the tub on the two top right boxes. Apply VM Extravaganza- Height lines at default. Change blend to hard light.
Type the word submit in the BM cinema or pixel font of choice sized 24 pixels, align to canvas then convert to raster.
 Apply Mura Miester- copies - Tiling at these settings:
add a dark thin drop shadow then change the blend to overlay. Duplicate to darken.
Then activate the frame background layer,invert selections then hit delete
Place paper11 and apply your mask.
Reduce el15 by 25%, duplicate mirror and reduce by 80%
Reduce el 27 by 25%, duplciate and mirror.
Reduce the rest of the elements by 25% except for el13 which was done at 10%
Type the word submit in the Earthquake font and use your pick tool to rotate a bit. Then duplicate free rotate 10 to the left lower opcaity to 36 then apply ADJUST- HIGH PASS SHARPEN to both text layers.
 Type your name in the Abstract font outline in black sized three, the apply Eye Candy Glass at default.
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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