Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tricks and Treats

tube by Isamel Rac called Pirate girl found here for purchase
 Kt is part of a 2014 Halloween Collb By Kizzed By Kelz
found here for purchase
 Frankendork font
grenadine glow- filter
 Open a 650 by 650 canvas
 Place your tube and el 3
 Click inside the frame expand the selections by 2.
 Add paper 5 invert selections and hit delete
 Reduce the following elements
6 and 25- 50%
23 and 30 by 35%
32 by 80%
 Place el29 to the left
 Add paper 11 then apply your mask
 add your name in a gradient then apply a thick gradient glow
 add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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