Friday, September 26, 2014

Zombie Care

tube by Di Halim of
this tube is a ZOMBIE LAYER of the Doc tube

buy the kit here
 Font- Bloody
 Mask- RR mask set 2_1 download it here
Eye Candy Nature- Water Drops, Rust and Drips
 What i used and how I resized everything
papers9, 20 and 23 were used.
 i reduced paper 23 by 20%
paper 9 was used with the mask and 23 was used as the frame background.
the tube was reduce by 455 and a filter used to enhance the color EFFECTS- PHOTO EFFECTS- FILM and FILTERS-VIVID SKIN TONES at default
Frame17 was reduce by 80%
81,84 by 5%
55 by 7%
119 ,104,73 and 121 by 10%
194 , 173, 158, 160,72 , 67, 45, 51,17 ,1,3 ,5 and 4 by 15%
207 ,106,70 and 2 by 20%
194,168,113 by 25%
56,48 by 35%
18 by 35% then again at 505 then mirror
89,83,82,16 by 40%
arrange as you wish then drop shadow  everything
Type your name out in 125 pixels in the gradient instructed below
 gradient for text foreground #7b1515
 then apply Eye Candy Nature water drops at these settings:
 then apply Eye Candy  Nature Rust at these settings:
use this color #bcb97c
Add your drop shadow then duplicate it and change the blend to hard light
 end result depends on  the size of the font. i had to adjust my sliders when i did a smaller font

Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 Below is an animated copy of the tag

 Thanks for looking

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