Monday, October 27, 2014

A Beautiful Day For Rain

Tube by Barbara Jensen called Candy Kisses
 Found in pack63
 buy it here
Kit By Crazy Carita Called My Umbrella
 Buy It here
Fonts Bancol and Austie Bost Dust In Diamonds
 mask moonbeams and spiderwebs 50
 pre made animatiion
Rain 3 download here
 open a new canvas 650 by 650
paper 3 then apply your mask
Reduce el 8 and 9 by 90%
el 18 by 80%
 Reduce paper1 by 50% and place behind the frames
place el 20 above the paper layer and reduce by 80%
Reduce el 3 and 13 by 50%
elements10, 12,20, 23 by 35%
el2 and 4 by 25%
place element 30 and 1
 Free rotate the lollipop 25 to the right
 Reduce 17 by 75% then 50%
 Add the word " RAINY" In caps one letter at a time. using your pick tool rotate to match the angle of each flag.
Add your name and ARTIST URL, CR, license number.
 To animate add rain5, reduce the size in AS by 50%
Merge all the layers above the paper layer then close,Merge visible then copy to AS.
 Duplicate the tag the same number of frames as your animation. Select all on your tag and animation, Copy/paste into current frames and move to your desired location. 
 In PSP Unhide the merged tag, copy to AS as a new animation Select propagate paste then copy paste into current frames
 Save as a GIF
 Thanks for looking

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