Monday, October 27, 2014

Almost Christmas

Tube used in this tutorial is called Inkling
get her here
Buy $10.00 or more in tubes from my store and get the layered bonus tube titled "Inkling"! (Scrap kit sales not included towards the bonus tube)
No need to write to Customer Help for the bonus...they will send it to you within 36 hours....but it never takes that long as most of you know. This bonus tube will last for 2 weeks ending on Tuesday November 11th.
Kit by Crazy Carita Called Joy to the World
 Buy it here
Font Christmas CardII
Mask DD winter mask 11 dll it HERE
 Eye candy 4- chrome, Gradient glow and weave

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Reduce el 28 by 50%, duplicate and free rotate 25degrees to the left , duplicate and mirror.
Clikc inside one of the rotated stars, increase the selections by 2, add a new raster layer then copy/paste paper10 into selections, duplicate and mirror the paper.
 Move under the star frame layer.
 Place el 12 under the center star frame.
Place el 17 over the frames layers.
add paper1 as the last layer of your tag and apply your mask.
 Place el19 over the masked layer and apply Adjust- Add/remove noise- Add noise at 20 Gaussian , monochrome.
Place el 11 behind the frame paper layers duplicate and mirror
 Reduce el15 and place on each side of the branches
Reduce  el20 by 15% and 26 by 25% and place over the branches layers as you wish.
Once done place el 30 right under it
Reduce el 16 by 25%, el25 by 15% and el6 by 50%
 place them to the right
 add your tube.
Add your name in the colors of the kit I used
#ca2d8f for the name then apply Eye Candy 4 Weave at default but change the shading color to
Then apply Effects-edge effects- enhance
Apply Eye candy Gradient glow setting to thick in white. Using your magic wand click to select the gradient glow, promote the layer then apply Eye Candy Chrome and enhance. 
Add your artist URL, CR and your license number 
animated copy below

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