Monday, October 13, 2014


Tube by Barbara Jensen called Saccharin found in pack 62
 Buy it here
 Kit By Crazy Carita called
!Think Pink!
Buy it here

Font  under your skin
 mask32_1 by Rachel 
 Download here
Pre made animation 153 by Simone 
 download here

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650 
Reduce el 1 by 50%, duplicate mirror and flip then merge down
Add paper2 and apply your mask
Click inside the two frames, expand your selections by 2, add a new raster layer then copy/paste paper into selection
Add your tube in each of the frames, duplicate, change the blend to the bottom tubes to luminance and the top tubes to screen.
Erase any portion of the tube not inside of the frame.
Place el7 to the top right corner  then place el 27 behind it on the right
 Reduce el30 by 50% and place behind the top left frame, duplicate mirror and flip, place behind the bottom right frame.
Place el 14 on top of the two frame in the middle of the canvas
Reduce el 17 by 50% and place in the middle.
 Using your pre shape tool setting to heart draw out a heart to fill the middle of the element. I used CEA heat pre set shape. if you do not have this pre set shape in your program, right click and save the one below.

Copy and paste paper6 into the heart shape
Place 24 and 15 under the flower cluster layer to the left
Reduce el by 80% and mirror. place it over the heart and flower layer
Place el5 in the middle then reduce el3 and place on top, duplicate mirror and flip. Place under the bow
reduce 2 and 6 by 50% and mirror the bear.
 Reduce el 18 by 20% and place on the bear
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number.
 To animate open the animation.
Merge all layers above the heart layer then close.
 Merge  the rest of the tag and copy to your animation program the same number of frames as your animation.
 Select all in AS then Select all in your animation layers.
 Copy paste the animation in the arch of the heart.
 then reverse the the pre made animation and paste again on the other arch of the heart,.
 Go back to PSP unhide the top merged layers then copy paste as a new animation, Propagate your paste then paste on top of the animated tag.
 Save a s a GIF
 Thanks for looking

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