Monday, October 20, 2014

Comfort,Tea and Read

Tube by Ismael Rac
 Buy It here
 Kit By Drea's Creations called Winter's Tea
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 mask WSL 167
 Font Mavblis
Filters/ Plugins:
 Eye Candy Nature- Snowdrift
 open a new canvas 650 by 650 
reduce el 92 by 70%
Reduce paper 1by 50%
el65 by 65%
Place the paper behind the frame and the icicles on top of the paper. Click inside the frame, expand the selections by 2, invert the selections then hit delete.
Reduce 10 by 25% and 31 by 20%. Place to the top corner of the frame.
reduce el 66 by 25%, 70 by 35% and 69 by 50%.
place over the paper layer.
Reduce el 87by 50%and change the blend to dodge
Place el 84 behind the paper layer and reduce by 70%
Reduce 11 by 50%,12 by 65%,23 by 35% and 82 by 50% place all the flakes behind the paper layer
Add paper 10 and apply your mask
50 by 15%
47 by 20%
46 and 42by 25%
Reduce 53,55, 57 by 35%
41 and 44 by 30%
54 by 50%
52 by 30% free rotate it 20 to the left.
add your name, convert to raster then duplicate it. apply eye candy snow drift to the bottom name and drop shadow.
 Apply an inner bevel to the top name and merge down.
 Add your artist URL, CR , your license number
 Thanks for looking

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