Thursday, October 30, 2014

Do Not Provoke

Tube by Jose Cano called Cleo
Matching kit by Desirena Designs

 Coming soon to

Temp2 by Linda
 download HERE
Mask WSL364
Font-Can't judge a book by it's cover

Eye Candy5- Impact- Brushed Metal

Open the template and delete the Cr layer
add paper 5 top the last layer then apply your mask
 Apply Eye Candy 5 - Impact Brushed Metal to all the Glitter layers of the template.
Enhance edges on the glitter shape layer.
 Repeat with the pink rectangle then apply noise
Add paper4 over the pink shape layer, activate the shape layer, invert selections then hit delete on the paper
Repeat with paper2 on the black rectangle layer.
Reduce el19 by 65% then place over the black circle and pixltext layers.
 On the pixel layer increase the opacity to 100 change the blend to soft light then Adjust- brightness/contrast at 255 and 100
Flood fill the black circle with a gradient then place the closeup tube change the blend to multiply
Erase the tube excess
Place el24 to the bottom left, duplicate mirror and flip
place el28 on the bottom then place31 over it
 Reduce elements 1, 2, 12, 13, 15 and 17 by 50%
Reduce elements 11 and 18 by 25%
Place el 23 and your tube
If your choose to use the wordart like i did follow along
Apply eye candy 5 impact brushed metal to the glitter wa layer then add noise
 Using your magic wand select the pink letters then flood fill in #cf1f10 using your color changer tool.
 Reduce paper 7 by 50% and place over the pink lettering, activate the layer, invert selections and hit delete.
 Erase the paper from the words " my inner"
Change all the black lettering to this color #250000 except for the large letter P
Floof dill with this color#470d08  and place the tube in the letter change the blend to multiply.
 Add your name with the brown from the tube and the red as your outline, convert to raster then apply enhance edges.
Add the artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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