Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Impressions

2009-2013 Cute Sweater Revamp SL BY Ismael Rac
Buy it here
FTU clusters using Raspberry Road kit
found here download both
Mask by Rachel mask set_32_4 
 download here
Xero- Sparkles
 Mura Miester Copies

Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650
 Open your tube and reduce by50%
Open you cluster"D" and reduce by 18%
 Place your tube under the frame.
 Using your rectangular selection tool select the hand , hair and head covered by the frame area and promote the layer. Erase the clothing on the promoted layer. On the orginal tube layer erase the bottom half of your tube hanging pass the frame layer.
 Add your cluster " B" and reduce by 10% and place to the left behind the tube layer.
 Duplicate your large frame and apply Mura Meister Copies wallpaper rotate at default.
Duplicate and reduce the top wallpaper by 50%, Apply Adjust-Blur- Radial blur at default.
Apply Xero Sparkles at these settings:
 you will notice the sparkles are shown pass the frame layer, click inside the frame with your magic wand, expand your selections by 20, invert your selections than hit delete.
On the other paper apply Effects,Distortion effects, pixelate and change the height and width to 8. then apply your mask.
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