Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hot Snow

2014Cool N Warm  HD tube by Ismael Rac
Matching kit By Crystal's Creations
Coming soon to
Used a Template by Dee found here
Font Snowhouse

Open the template and delete the info ,pixel words, leaves overlay ,leaves and small dotted circle layers
On the pink rectangle and orange oval layers flood fill in a gradient from the colors of your tube.
over the orange oval layer i placed the close up tube, duplicate and mirror. Then change the blend to screen
Apply a gradient glow to the white oval outline
Place the winter tree twice to place one to the left and the other to the right. this will be placed as the last layer of our tag. The cyan color is the color we will flood most of the elements.
Place snowflake 2 under this layer towards the bottom of the tag three times.
place the snowflake sucker over the pink rectangle layers and colorize to match your tube.
copy /paste desired paper into the yellow circle layer
change the color of the circle dotted layer to white
 copy/paste your desired paper into the red tails layers.
Reduce the scarf by 25% and place over the white line layer
Copy/paste the desired paper into the white and white middle shape layers.
 duplicate the middle white layer and apply Effects 3d effects- cutout
Merge the bottom and top circles then flood fill them in a gradient using the darker colors of your tube. Then in the circles we will create a winter scene with the following elements
Snow, snow swirl, icicles and frame2
Resize the following elements by 25%
Mittens, hat,whipped cream, hot cocoa
Reduce your tube by 38%
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

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