Friday, October 10, 2014

Steel Beauty

Tube by Jose Cano called Classy
 Buy it here
matching kit by Hania Designs
 buy it here
 mask 2_2 by Rachel download it here
20/20 mask( not my mask)
 font- Ellida

open a new canvas 650 by 650
Add paper 4 and apply the 20/20 mask
Add paper1 and apply mask 2_2
Reduce el 29  and 18by 80%
duplicate the vines, mirror and flip. place over the frame.
reduce el 6 by 50% and place under the frame layer towards the bottom of the tag
 Click inside the frame, expand your selections, place paper1 invert selections then hit delete.
Place main tube change the blend to Luminance( L)

Little trick I do to keep the blend.Select all on the tube, add a new raster layer and copy/paste the paper we used in the background area of the frame. place the paper layer under the tube layer. Since it is already blended. in this case Luminance(L) merge down.Add a drop shadow then erase the bottom portion of the tube leaving the top and side as is.
 Place the tube under the frame layer. Free hand select the portion of the tube being covered by the frame and promote the layer. then move it to the top layer of your tag. 

Reduce el30 by80 and place under the frame background layer twice free rotate one 90 degrees
right under your tube layer place el11, duplicate mirror and flip.
place el 25 over the frame layer.
 Place el 24 and 21 over the frame background layer
Reduce element1,14 and 23 by 25%
then place el 10
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