Thursday, October 2, 2014


Tube by Arthur Crowe called Tiger Roar
 sold here

kit by Hania Designs called Tiger Roar sold here
FONT-Chicken Doodle Scratch and Acorn swash
RRMaskset 6 _4 found here

open a new canvas 650 by 650 
reduce your tube by 65%
Reduce elements as follows
 11 by 80%
17 by 75%
6,7,9,13,14,15,16,21,2718 by 50%
22 by 10%
Type out "TIGRESS" In caps in the Chicken Doodle Scratch font sized 36 pixels
and place of the sign.
Place element 8 then place paper 2 over it. Activate the element, invert the selections then hit delete on the paper lyer, move the paper layer over the element if not already and change the blend to overlay.
Merge down the duplicate the element and apply Eye Candy 5 Impact perspective shadow setting set to reflection short
 Add a drop shadow of 3,3100 10 to all elements expect the fonts.
 add paper11  then apply your mask
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number.

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