Monday, October 6, 2014

Turnt Up

Tube by Ismael Rac 2014 Latex Attitude HD

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 FTU kit By Tasha Called Party In the City
 download it here
 Template 1By Dee and Millie
 Download it here
WSL Mask5
font ponit dexter

Open your template and ad paper1 as your background layer then apply your mask. Merge group then reduce by 50%. paste all around your canvas then merge them down.
 Copy/paste desired papers into the layers.
Ad noise at 100 to the right and left circle outlines.
Copy/paste paper7 into the green and orange shape layers then apply noise to them.
Reduce the cityscape by 50% and place over the  top and bottom blue rectangle layers
Reduce burst by 25%
Place the box, duplicate it and change the blend to hardlight
mirror the lips, duplicate apply eye candy glass then change the blend to overlay.
 Reduce the drink by 40% and the glasses by 30%
Place the sparkle, sparkle2 and fireworks
Add your tube duplicate and apply eye candy cornoa setting to ion and apply xenofex2 constellations to it. Apply a drop shadow to the top tube.
 Add your name, license, artist URL and CR
 thanksf or looking

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