Monday, November 10, 2014

Candy Cane

2013-2014 Whip Me HD SL By Ismael Rac

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 Kit by Gimptastic scraps called candy cane Christmas' dll it here
Template by dee dll it here
 Mask 99by Mille Dll it here
Font Nadall
 Gradient glow by eye candy 4

 Delete the wordart , cr, hearts and info layers
Reduce your tube by 50%
 Copy /paste paper1 into the selections of the right and left brown rectangle
Copy/paste paper8 into the selections of the upper and lower rust rectangle then apply a thick white gradient glow
Reduce flower1 by 50% and place where the two heart were located on the template.
Add a thick red gradient glow to the white oval
 Activate the  blue oval, invert selections place paper3 and hit delete.
 Apply the same red gradient glow to the paper layer.
Activate the brown circles place paper2 over it, invert the selections and hit delete
 Free rotate frame 1 90 to the left, activate  the rust strips and copy paste the frame into selections.
Place paper6 over the creme squares, invert selections then hit delete on the paper layer.
Duplicate and apply Effects, 3d effect and cutout
Copy/paste paper4 into the brown circle
Apply noise to the center shape
Place the tree to the right covering the brown sliver left from the frame insertion and the stocking on the left.
 Reduce the Candy cane wordart 80%
Reduce the following elements
 star by 25%
gift2 by 80% ,gift 1 mirror ,gift 3 50%
house and bear by 65%
 Bike by 80%
Place the labe , reduce the snow by 50%. apply noise to the snowflake scatter
 Add paper4 and apply your mask
 Add your name , artist URL, CR and your license number

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