Thursday, November 20, 2014

Emerge A New In 2015

Tube called Blueberry pie found in pack64   By Barbara Jensen

FREE TUBE and new Pinup Pack 64 is now available.

This free tube will only be available from Wednesday Nov. 18th until Saturday Nov. 22nd at 1pm est. Then it will be gone from the pack.
Kit By Crazy Carita Called Bling It On
 Buy it here

Mask  37 by Horseplay pastures download it here
 Font  Believer Fever and AR Decode

Open a new canvas 650 by 650
 Reduce pp7 by 75%
In the AR decode font set to 22 pixels type or copy the lyrics to AULD LANG SYNE. then change the blend to soft light.
 Mirror the close up tube, invert selections on the paper and hit delete ,change the blend on the tube to overlay
Place el 6 to the bottom right and top left behind the paper layer
Add paper2 and apply your mask
Place el 7 over the tube layer, duplicate and mirror
Reduce el 5 by 95% and place to the left of the canvas Place el2 under it.
 Free rotate el 25 20 to the left and reduce by 80%. place over the disco ball
 Place el 10 in the center of the canvas
 Reduce your tube by 95% twice, duplicate change the blend to Multiply then merge
Reduce el 4 by 505 and place at the top of the frame, reduce el27 by 20% and change the blend to overlay. Place inside of the jewel
Reduce the following elements
 1,9 11,,24,35and 36 by 35%
12,15 and 20 by 25%
13 and 34 by 50%
add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number
 below is an animated version of the tag made above

 Thanks for looking

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