Saturday, November 15, 2014

In The Park In Fall

 Coming soon to XERACX.NET
Sweater Attitude a tube by Ismael rac
And matching kit by Whisper in The Wind
All coming soon!
 Tutorial below made using these products above

Image by HotBlack isis_hyde_park 
 download it here

Mask 39 by horseplay pasture
 Download it here

Preset shape CEA random 96
( will be provided below if you cannot install)

Mura Miester Copies

 font- Amber Sahie

Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Reduce your tube by 30%
Place el 2 at the base of your tube and then el 15 behind it.
 pull the grass up a bit to show the blades
Reduce el3 by 80% and place to the right behind the grass layer.
 Duplicate it and reduce the size by 35% . Apply Mura Miester copies line.
Change the number to 4 and lower the opacity to 65.Place behind the tree layer.
Reduce el 31 by 80% and 36 by 50%
Place them to the left. Duplicate the bike and change then blend to multiply
Place el 28 to the right and repeat the blend we used before
 Add the shape behind the elements using your preset shape tool
If you dont have it click to enlarge and right click to save

Select all and copy paste paper 2 into selections.
 Keep activated, add a new raster layer and copy paste your image into selections.
 Change the blend to Luminance (L)
 to match the skirt color i used on the tube which is optional i used a gradient using the two greens in the skirt. Added a new raster layer and flood filled it. change the blend to  Dodge and plaed under the image layer.
 Select all on the original shape contract selections by 3, invert selections then promote the layer. Move this to the top of the shape layers. Copy paste paper 10 into selections then add noise at 100
Add a new raster layer flood fill int a gradient that matched your tube color choices then apply your mask.
 Add your name in the same gradient we used on the shape and apply an inner bevel
Add your artist URL, CR and your License number
 Thanks for looking

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