Saturday, November 29, 2014

I've Been Naughty

 Tube-Santa Claus
Artist- Kajenna
Available for purchase here

Kit-Naughty Or Nice
 Designer- Pink Paradox productions
Available for purchase here

 Mask by Rachel 
Download it here

 Font- Grouser

 Filters' Plugins
Eye Candy5 nature - snow drift
Eye Candy 4 Gradient glow

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
 Reduce your tube by 25%

Reduce el 171 by 90% and place behind the tube layer,
Reduce el 116 by 255 and free rotate 30 degrees to the right and place under the heart of the snowflake  place the element again reduce at 30% and free rotate 30 to the left . Merge them down and duplicate, flip and adjust to fit under the hearts. click inside the heart areas of the snowflake expand the selections by 2 invert selections and hit delete.
 Click inside the rest of the snowflake, expand your selections by 4, add a new raster layer and copy /paste paper 30 into selections. effects edge effects and hit enhance twice on the paper layer and heart layers.
 Duplicate the snowflake and change the blend to multiply
 Add a thick gradient glow to the bottom snowflake in white then apply Eye candy Nature first snow found in the snow drift filter.
 Ad a drop shadow
Reduce el 154 by 50% and place to the bottom right and top left
Add paper 28 and apply your mask
Reduce el 148 and 96 by 50%.
 Duplicate the silver trees and move to the left.
 Reduce  el 114 by 50% place behind the trees and reduce el 94 by 25% and place on the center tree.
Reduce27, 178 and 52 by 35%
 el 53 by 20%
elements 75, 80, and 87 by 25%
 elements 88 and 92 by 15%
Mirror element 159 and reduce by 25%
 Add your name. artist URL, CR and your license number
 Below is a little animation fun with the tag

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