Monday, November 10, 2014

Merry Christmas Stamp

 Tube by Kajenna called Christmas Dog
 buy it here
 Kit By Pink Paradox Productions called
 Heart  Cocoa
 buy it here
Fonts used
House Holiday
 ATF Antique
Holiday ( Ding)

Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Reduce el 120 ans 80 by 65%
 Reduce 126,85 ans 86 by 65% as well 
 Place under the other elements to create a landscape
 Reduce 82,83 and 105 by 40%
 Duplicate the tree and reduce by 70% , duplicate again and reduce by 65% and lower the opacity by 40
 Reduce el 78 place to the right by 40% and lower the opacity to 50
Place your tube I reduced mine by 45%

 Add paper10 and align the stump under the fence 
 Then place frame13 and reduce by 70%
Click inside the frame, expand your selections by 6, invert selections then hit delete on all layers
Only add a soft drop shadow to the trees, fence and tube.
Ad a thick deop shadow to the frame layer.
 In the antique font setting to the color of your tube type out your wording.
 I chose the USA style forever stamp motif but instead of USA I replaced it with PSP
 using the Holiday ding on CAPITAL H ( Merry Christmas) Sized 85 in the same color i used for the stamp wording. 
 I added a thick white gradient glow
 Type your name in the Home Holiday font add some noise and a drop shadow.
 I reduced one of the flowers to place behind the name by 50%
 Add your artist URL.CR and your license number
Thanks for looking

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