Friday, November 28, 2014

My Candy Cane

Beautiful Candy Cane
Tube used in this tutorial Beautiful Candy Cane by Arthur Crowe

Buy it soon here
Matching kit by Dance In the rain
Font used- Sandy Text
Mask Used-MPM Mask 35 download it here
 Filters/Plugins Used
Xenofex2- constellations
Toadies- Where are you now
Vm Tranmissions
Eye candy Gradient Glow

Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650
Reduce el 34 by 80% then reduce paper8 by 505 and place behind it
Place your tube in front and reduce el 33 by 80 and place at the base of your tube
Reduce el 1 by 50% and place behind the paper layer to the right of the frame, duplicate mirror and bring back under the other cluster just placed
Place el 9 to the right of your tube and under the snow mound layer
 Reduce el 13 by 80% and place on the tree. duplicate and reduce by 80% again and move up the tree. Repeat this until yo have covered your tree, then merge all beads layers, sharpen, duplicate change blend to hard light , Then activate the tree, invert selections and delete the excess beads.
Using your light/darken tool set to 10 darken the edges of the beads a bit to show contrast.
Reduce el 25 by 50% and place on top of the point of the tree.
 Reduce el16 and place in the center of the frame by 50%
Place el 24 to the left of the tube and erase any part showing past the bottom of the snow.
 Reduce elements 3 by 50% and 5 mirrored by 25%
Reduce el 29 by 25% and place on the bottom of the tag.
 Reduce 7 and 2 by 25% also. Duplicate the tree trio and change the blend to hard light. place the candy cane on the frame and erase a bit to look like it is hanging from the frame.
 Place paper2 and draw our a rectangle using your selection tool. promote the layer. delete the original paper.
 place your tube closeup, activate the rectangle layer and invert the selections. Delete the excess tube.
 Change the blend to the tube to overlay
 Duplicate the rectangle paper layer twice. on the top portion apply Effects, 3d Effects and cutout
then duplicate and mirror. move this over the closeup tube layer.
 on the bottom duplicate apply Toadies where are you at
X at 11 and Y at 6
Duplicate this layer then on the top toadies layer apply VM Extravaganza transmissions at default the apply Edge effects enhance. Change the blend to burn
On the bottom toadies layer apply Xenofex2 constellations
Place el 18 over the close up tube layer and again over the frame layer but reduced by 80%
Add paper 5 and apply your mask.
 Merge group , reduce your masked layer by 50% and place all around the edges of your tag then merge down all the  masked layers
 Add your name and a gradient glow
 Reduce el  18 by 25% and place over the center of the first letter of your name
 add your artist URL, CR and your license number

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