Saturday, November 15, 2014

Old Country Christmas Forum set

tube by Keith Garvey found at
Kit by Pink Paradox productions called Country Christmas
Buy it here
font mussica swash
 xenofex2 crumple
penta color dot
Filter factory Gallery A Holidays in Egypt
Xero Greyscaler
to make the forum tag size it 600 by 300
Reduce paper10 by 50%
move to the right side of the tag
 Reduce el 101 by 50% ans place it to the left covering the void from the paper.
 Reduce el78 by 25% then 80% and place it around the face of the clock
Reduce your tube by 80% and place in the center
 reduce el 72 and 26 by 25% ,mirror the rocking horse and place to the right of the tag
127,136 and 137 by 25% place to the left
place the poinsettia up top
Reduce el 106, 74 and 77 by 20%
 Duplicate the present and change the blend to multiply
Reduce paper 33 by 25% and apply Xero Greyscaler to it place it over the paper layer behind the tube layer and accessories 
 Change the blend to overlay, duplicate and move around until the wood portion of the paper is covered then erase the bits that cover the decoration of  paper 10
Reduce el 164 by 255 and place over the right and left side of the tag.
 Crop your tag. add drop shadow to your elements
 Select all -selections -modify- selection borders size 2, add a new raster layer and copy paste paper 21 then move to the top layer of yout tag.
 Apply Effects-Edge effects ehance  then apply Filters factory gallery A Holidays in Egypt at level 11,
Then apply Xenofex2 Crumple at default.
 Add a drop shadow, then using your magic wand click the outer edges of your crumbled border. expand your selection by 2 then  Add a new raster layer copy paste paper22 into selections.
 Apply Penta Color dot  value 255 and distance4
 Add your name in the color red and apply the  penta  color dot again.
 Add a gold border to you name, enhance the edges then change the blend to the color dot layer to hardlight.
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number

 to make the avatar
 size it 200 by 200
 merge the paper layers copy paste to the avatar canvas reduce by 80%
 Then place your tube and a couple of items from your tag.
 make the same border as we did for the forum tag
 add the artist CR and your license  number
 thanks for looking

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