Friday, November 14, 2014

Snow Queen

Tube by Chris Pastel of
 kit by pink paradox productions called'
 Let It Snow
buy it here
 Dee winter mask9 download it here
 Font Amal  demo
 Open a 650 by 650 canvas
 reduce frame 16 by 40%
Reduce frame by 50% and place behind frame 16
 Reduce paper2 by 50%
 use your pick tool set to scale to fit the paper inside of the snow frame
Reduce el 36 by 80% and place to the right , reduce 157 by 40% and place to the left behind the paper layer.
 add paper 30 as the last layer and apply your mask
 Reducer 158 by 50% and place from the left to the center of the tag  right above the wreath and snowflake layers
 Reduce el 153 by 50% and place to the top right and bottom left
 Reduce your tube by 40% and place above the paper layer under the snowflake frame
 Free hand select the top of the head of your tube and the right hand and arm.
 Promote this layer then on the original tube erase the bottom portion of the tube
under the tube layer reduce the following elements
102,106 and 116 by 50%
On top of the paper layer reduce 128 by 25% and 79 by 40%
behind the top portion of the  frame reduce the following elements
 93 by 25%
 50 and 101 by 50%
On top of the frame on the left side reduce the following elements
49 ,51, 146, 95 and 56 at 25%
62 by 50%
29 by 15%
 on the right side reduce as follows
92 by 25%
113  and 114 by 35%
47 by 20%
19 by 15%
 elements across the top of the frame
137 by 505 and just place el119 under it
Place el 121 on top of the tube and reduce by 45
place elements 156 and 162
 add your name and add noise at 100
add your artist url cr and your license number

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