Saturday, November 22, 2014

Soft Kinda Christmas

 Tube artist- Barbara Jensen
Tube name- Celestia
Found in pack 64
Buy it here
 Kit - Crazy Carita
 My Kind Of Christmas' Buy it here
Eye Candy4 Chrome
 Eye Candy 5 Nature- Snow Drift
Xenofex 2 Constellations
Font- Debevic Circular

 Open a new canvas 600 by 300
Reduce paper4 by 50% place to the right then duplicate it , mirror and merge
 Place the closeup tube to the right and change the blend to screen
Place el 11 to the top left hand corner of the tag
 Reduce el 21 by 50% and place under the blue cloud layer to the top left hand corner of the tag.
 Apply Eye Candy Snow drift to the snowflake at these settings:
Place el 29 at the bottom edge of the tag
 Reduce elements 12 and 7 by 35% then apply the snow drift filter to the both. Place at the bottom left corner above the blue lace layer
place your tube to the left, duplicate it and apply the Snow drift filter to the top tube.
 using your freehand selection tool setting to the feather to 20 select the  bottom right and under the hat area then hit delete. merge it down with the original tube, the duplicate again, apply Gaussian blur 5 and change the blend to screen.
Reduce el 4 and 28 by 35%
Element3 by 15%
all the rest of the elements reduced by 25%
Merge all the elements down together on the right side and duplicate then, Change the blend to screen opacity to 55
Add paper2 as the last layer, crop your tag
 Select all, Modify, selection borders at 2, promote the layer, move to the top of the tag, duplicate it and apply Chrome to the bottom and change the blend to color on the top. Merge down add a drop shadow, duplicate and on the bottom apply Xenofex 2 constellations at these settings:
Sta size 6.25 and all other fields at 100
Add your name in a gold gradient
Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
To make the avatar
 Merge all layers except the two border layers and copy to a new canvas sized  200 by 200
 make the same border as we did for the forum tag
 Add your inital or name if it fits
your artist CR and your license number
Below is an
Animated Version

 Thanks for looking


  1. I do not understand why I don't have the feather boa for around the neck in my tube set I bought? Did I miss it somewhere?
    I love this tag you made it is awesome!!
    Thank you

  2. OMG... I am such a ditz.... I found it!!!! thanks anyway.... I just love this tut!!!!

  3. you are most welcome sweetie. i love barb and her accesories


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