Thursday, November 6, 2014

Winter Fur

be by Ismael Rac called 2013 Classy Fur Tube 

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font- Music Hall
Mask Dee winter mask 12 dll it here
Eye Candy Nature snow drift and icicle
 Xenofex2 constealltions
Mura Meister Copies- Encircle
Xero Grey Tinter
Reduce tube by 50% then add paper 12
 Duplicate your tube and apply Xero Greytinter at default on your top tube change then blend to screen. On the greyscaled tube duplicate it and apply Gauusian blur 5 on the bottom tube apply your drop shadow
Add el4 behind the tube layer, click inside the star and promote the layer.
 Apply Eye Candy Nature icicles setting to  sheet of shiny ice
Place el 6 to the right behind the tube layer,
Free rotate el 10 90 to the right and place to the right of the house, duplicate reduce by 80%, mirror and move over the other branch.
Free rotate el15 20 to the left and place over the branches.
Reduce 29 and 11 by 50%.
 Apply Xenofex2 constellations small starts on the snowflake and branched layers
Place element 16 and 8 at the base of your tube 
Place el1 over your tag
 Add your name  i used the colors from my frame in a gradient
#6b9576 and #b1d226
Convert to raste then apply Eye Candy Nature snow drift. Apply this to the snowflake as well
Place el3 and apply Mura Meister copies encircle at default then move above the maske layer.
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number

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