Sunday, November 2, 2014


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Get 2013 CU Xmas Pack Or
 the 2013 Sexy Hoody Tube Plus Kit 
Kit By Crystal's Creations
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 Fonts FFF Sailor, Ma Sexy and Xerxes

Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow
Eye Candy 5 Impact- Back Light
 Mura Meister Copies

Opne a new canvas 650 by 650
Reduce your tube by 42%
Duplicate your tube
On the top tube select all, Modify- contract by1, Apply Gaussain Blur at 5 then apply Effects- Textures Effects Blinds at  3, 27 horizontal black.
Ont he bottom tube apply a think sharp drop shadow
 Type you wording I used "  XERACX"
the name of the website of the tube maker.
Covert to raster, Select all, Modify contract by 4, Add a new raster layer and copy Paste the paper of choice . I used paper 7. Duplicate this layer and apply Effects texture effects-emboss then change the blend to overlay
Add a drop shadow to the white layer of your name duplicate it and on the bottom name apply Eye Candy5 Impact- Back light at these setting:

Duplicate flip and merge down.
Lower the opacity to 65
 In a white color type the name again in the FFF sailor font or a pixel font of choice, align to canvas then convert to raster, apply Mura Meister Copies- angled tiling spaced by 2
Change the blend to soft light apply a sharp drop shadow.
 activate the backlight layer invert selections and hit delete.
Add paper11 and replace the black stripes with the beige or off white from your tube.
 Add el30,invert selections then hit delete on the paper layer. now delete el 30
Place el 6 and 27
 Reduce e1 by 15 and el7 by 25%
 Add your name in a gradient then apply a thick gradient glow
Add your artist URL, CR and your license number

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