Saturday, December 13, 2014

Raven's Winter

Tube-Razor Spectre
 Artist- Freya Langford- Sidebottom
Purchase HERE
 Kit- Winter Raven
Designer- Pink Paradox Productions
 Purchase HERE

Font- A quiet Sleep
Mask Trese 97

Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Reduce frame 20 by 50%
 place your tube under the frame to the left.
 Apply Effects- Photo Effects- Film and Filters- Glamour- night effects at level 30
Reduce elements 113 and 116 by 50% place right behind the tube.
 Reduce paper56 by 25% and place behind the elements
place el 168 above the paper layer filling in the gaps from the the elements. 
Then click inside the  frame with your magic wand, expand your selections by 8 , invert selections and hit delete on all layers
Reduce el 119 by 35% twice and place tree times under the frame
 you should have a spooky snow scene in side of the frame with icicles on the bottom . 
 Now to build the foliage around the frame.
Reduce el81 by 24% and place on the top left hand corner of the frame.
EL 5 by 35% and place on the top right hand corner of the canvas
el2 by 20%,, 38 by 35% and 133 by 25% place to the bottom right of the frame.
el 127 by 25% and 142 by 50% place behind the frame and paper layer to the bottom right.
 Reduce el 155 and 156 by 505 and place right under the frame layer to the right. erase the purple branches in the scene but keep the snowy ones as is.
Duplicate the snow branches , mirror and flip
Reduce 148 by 70% and free rotate 25 to the left place under the snowy layer. erase any part obstructing in the middle of the frame.
Reduce el 54 by 35% and place to the left
el 130 by 25% placed to the right and e; 131 by 35% place to the left
Reduce both 122 and 132 by 25% and free rotate both 25 to the right and place to the right of the canvas
Reduce el 146 by 30% and el149 by 35% and place to the right.
On the right merge the fir, star, blue rose and sparkle leaf together then duplicate mirror ans flip
reduce el 4, 123 and mirrored ele  152 by 25%
 Reduce 178 by 50% and place over the snowflake
Place el 168 again as the last layer then using your pick tool setting to scale. pull the nodes to reduce the sides to match the sides of the tag, not the canvas but the tag itself.
 Then duplicate reduce by 50% and free rotate 25 to the right abd place to the top right, duplicate , mirror. Repeat then flip it. make sure it is on each corner of the tag.
 Place el 167 and reduce by 50%. Place as the last layer and move to the top left corners, duplicate mirror then merge down. duplicate flip. duplicate reduce by 50% free rotate 90 to the right. Move to the right, duplicate and mirror.
 place paper 20
and apply your mask
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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