Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sexy Reindeer

 Vixen by Arthur Crowe
 Sold here

Matching kit- Kizzed by Kelz 
 Sold here
Font Etharnig no12
Pixel font- Grixel Kyrou 7 Wide
Mask MC1 download here
Xero- Radiance
Eye candy Gradient Glow
 Mura Meister Copies- Tiling
 Open a  new canvas 650 by 650 
Place el 16 in the center of the canvas
 place el23 to the top right and bottom left behind the frame.
Reduce el 39 by 80% and place on top of the frame layer. move  up to touch the top of the frame layer. Duplicate twice move one to the left and the other  to the right. 
 place el 25 right over the brown snowflake layers.
We are gonna play with this element a bit
Using your freehand selections tool setting point to point select the white portion of the element. be sure to get the little bits on the top left hand corner as well.
 Add a new raster layer then copy paste paper 2 into selection.
 Now click inside the cut out start of your paper layer and promote this layer.
 You should have the star and red portion promoted.
Free hand select the star and string from this promoted layer then apply Effects- Edge effects and enhance.
 On the previously promoted layer apply Effects Texture effects blinds setting at 2,27 horizontal checked and the color brown from your tube.
Add your tube a couple of times over the red area of the promoted layer, invert selections and hit delete. change the blend of the tubes to Luminance ( L) and apply Xero Radiance at default and  the blinds to the tube layer again 
Flip el 30 and place over the paper layer,invert selections of the paper layer then hit delete.
 place your medium sized or closeup tube . Duplicate and change the blend to soft light. merge down then reduce by 65%
Place el 29 over the frame layer.
 Reduce element 27 by 25% and place on each end of the santa banner
reduce el 41 by 50% and place over the paper layer to the left behind the tube layer
 Reduce el 42 by 50 % and place to the right of the house.
 Reduce elements 34 by 35% and 35 by 40%
Reduce el 36 by 20, mirror and flipped . Add element 37 reduced by 25% over the tip of the ornament
Reduce el 32 and 40 by 35%. Free rotate the stocking 35 to the right and erase the string.
 Reduce el 31 by 255 and erase a piece of the string and place over the package.
 Reduce el 21 by 505 and place at the bottom of the tag.
Add the words sexy reindeer in the pixel font, align to center of canvas then convert to raster and apply Mura Meister copies tiling spaced by 2  and moved to the last layer of the tag.
Place paper3 under then merge them together and apply your mask.
Add your name  and apply a  red gradient glow
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number

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