Friday, January 2, 2015

Cheers To the New year

2015 Sexy N Happy HD by Ismael Rac
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Matching kit by Lysiras Graphic World
2015 Sexy N Happy 
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 font used  Remachine Script
Mask used Moonbeams and Spiderwebs mask 50 dll here
 Template used  Download here

Resize your template to 650 on it's longest side
Delete the wordart back
Click the letters in the word new year and copy paste paper2 into selections
 Repeat with the word cheers and paper1
Then add a thick white gradient glow
Add desired papers to the layers.
Place your closeup tube to the left on the large red square layer, inverts elections and change the blend to soft light.
place the glitter element over this layer and erase any bit of glitter covering the tube.
Reduce the champagne bottle and glasses by 50%
 all other elements seen on the tag by 25%
 Add your tube( I reduced mine by 35%) and apply a  thick drop shadow
Add your name and gradient glow to it.
 Close the white background merge your tag duplicate the merged tag.
 Apply Mura Meister copies  wallpaper rotate . Then apply Adjust Blue- motion -261,84 then apply your mask.
Add your artist URL, CR and license number
 Thanks for looking

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